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Is it rude to walk up to a total stranger and say, "Dude, what the hell is up with your ear?" I don't think the guy appreciated the question, but really you should have seen his ear. I wasn't judging the ear, I was just curious.

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Perhaps a bit rude if it turned out to be a birth defect or something. Not rude if an injury or odd piercing.

Now I'm trying to imagine what the ear looked like. Because generally, there isn't all that much variation in ear appearance.

Rude? I don't know. If I had a weird ear, I'd probably prefer that people just ask me about it.

well, but wait, can you describe the ear? Draw us a picture? I can't decide if it was rude or not until I understand the nature of the ear.

Next time? You whip out a camera phone. That's what they're FOR!

Was it a Van Gogh situation? Because you never know what a guy who is willing to cut off his own ear is capable of doing. Sleep with one eye open is all I'm saying.

Certainly no less tactful that saying "Wow! Are those real?"

So what's with his ear? Are you going to describe, or explain or something, or should we just use our imaginations?


Dude, why do you ask such hard questions?...I mean if it was a scar or a weird piercing I totally would have done the same thing....those usally lead to good was it one of those things?

Yeah, now I want to hear about the ear!

Yep it totally depends on the ear. If it was hanging by a thread...probably shouldn't mention it.
Potatoes growing out of it? You might want to say something.

Ah ear dilema!
I am sensitive because I have always been teased about my dumbo ears! But I would rather people ask about them then just stare! LOL

Are you going to share more about the ear?

This story would be so much better with photos --- where's the photos?? Come on! Dude, what's up with the NO PHOTOS?

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