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The Thing

I have a thing today - in about an hour actually. I'm trying to remain calm, but I'm nervous as hell. The logical side of my head tells me that this thing is not a big deal, just one small thing in a string of things and really nothing to get worked up about. The illogical, emotional, irrational, reactionary side of my head tells me that this one half hour thing today will define the rest of my life.

Guess which side is winning?

If anyone wants to cross their fingers for me, I would appreciate it.

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I'll definitely cross my fingers for you. Hope it goes how you want it to!

Good luck! *crossing fingers*

Fingers and toes crossed! Hope things go your way.

Good luck!

Good luck- crossing my fingers AND toes for you :)

Fingers, toes, eyes, wires, and all my Ts... everything I have is crossed for ya!

I'll cross my eyes for you, even though my mom threatened they'd stay like that.

crossing whatever I can cross just for you.

Thinking good thoughts!

crossing everything crossable for you! much luck to you!

Good luck!

thinking good thoughts and crossing all fingers for you

I've got my fingers, toes, hair etc...all crossed for you!

Good luck!

I will cross my fingers for your thing.

Ooh that sounds bad don't it?

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