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The update you have all been waiting for

Guess what I bought this weekend?

Ok, I admit, that covers a pretty wide selection of things, so I will just tell you. I bought jeans! Two pairs! They fit over my bodacious booty and not one single other person or rhinoceros could get in the waistband with me. This is huge and major and exciting, because clearly I really needed some new jeans.

Anyway, I got Gap stretch boot cut regular length (thanks Casey!) and Gap stretch flares ankle length. Can anyone tell me why ankle length boot cut jeans are so much shorter than ankle length flare jeans? Also, while you're at it, can you also tell me why regular length flare jeans are not any longer than ankle length flare jeans but they are a lot tighter. Does squeezing your legs make them shorter?

In other shopping news, I bought quite possibly the sexiest pair of pants ever to wear to dinner on my anniversary. One of you smart and fashion-focused people probably know what these pants are called, but I'm just going to have to describe them so bear with me. They are two separate layers. The bottom layer is a pretty standard wide-leg pants shape except that the outside seams are open from just above the knee down. The top layer is totally open on both outside seams so that layer is really just wrapped around your legs. Does that make sense? If not, just take my word for it that they are awesome and hot and I am going to be the prettiest girl in all of New York City on Saturday night. Now, I just have to lose 5 pounds before Saturday so I don't have to eat dinner standing up on my anniversary. The pants are hot, but they are also a little more ambitious about the size of my waist than is practical. (Hey, um. would somebody please remind me to move that button before Saturday? Thanks.)

I got the sexy pants at Nordstrom, where the staff is very helpful and also insane. I had a very nice woman helping me pick out possible anniversary outfits. My favorite thing she chose was a cute black skirt with a pink silk halter-ish top printed with fleurs-de-lis and a jacket with matching fleurs-de-lis on the lining. It was gorgeous. It was $1500. I told her I was looking for an outfit for my anniversary, not divorce court.

Finally, I really need some advice. What is the maximum number of purses I can take on a six-day vacation without becoming one of those snotty bitches who think owning a couple of Coach bags is some sort of personal accomplishment for which they should be complimented and admired? I'm thinking of taking three: my ugly-but-damn-it-holds-everything travel purse for days, a sparkly evening bag for sparkly evenings and a non-sparkly day/evening crossover bag for fancy afternoons and non-sparkly evenings. That's reasonable, right? In a non-snotty-bitch sort of way? You can tell me the truth, I can take it.

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glad I could help...that sounds like just the right number of purses.....the anniversiry pants sound fantastic and I'm sure you will have a great time....much love from vacation...postcard on the way

That sounds like the perfect purse solution.

Also, am so very jealous of your trip to NYC. Jealous!

as a person who owns more than 50 purses (no coach though so i think i can safely say i'm not snotty bitch. not about purses anyway), 3 sounds like a good number. especially the 3 you described. will the travel purse also double as a beach bag? i don't know where you're going so not sure if the beach will come into play, but i would also consider maybe taking a bag for beach days. unless you don't care about getting the travel bag sandy and wet.

also, the jeans link is broken. :(

Three is perfect. I usually take three on trips too, one black, one brown and one dressy evening ( which sometimes the black can double for if room is limited) I will be thinking of you both and hoping your weekend is wonderful. Have a drink for me, please?

Congrats on the jeans!
I personally had a jeans experience saturday night when I tried to be a Pom Pom girl again (tequilla will make you do wierd things)and thought I could still do my dance routines, I split the ass out of my best jeans! Time for me to shop again!

As far as the purses go, I think you're right on track! Just the right amount to cover all occasions without being a snotty bitch about your bags. Nice plan!

remember how I confessed that I only have 4 pairs of shoes? I only have one purse.
brb the estrogen police are beating down my door, they probably want to revoke my membership.

Well, I think you are right on. I was going to say three. A casual travel bag, a black bag and a brown bag. But a nice day bag and a pretty night bag will substitute for the later two choices. I only own three, two of which I just bought at Target a couple weeks ago. You know? When I move to Korea, I'll us matching coach bags for $20. Then we can act snooty, too.

HEY! I only own one Coach and that's only because my husband missed me so desperately when he was on a business trip! I don't think I should be admired for it. Just compliment the damn purse once in a while! And I'm not snotty, just a bitch! :)

I think 3 bags would be appropriate. My hard part is trying to decide how many pairs of shoes to take. Is it wrong to take an entire suitcase of shoes for the weekend? My guess is probably but I do it anyway. Sad, I know.

And those pants? sound awesome.

I found jeans too! At Ann Taylor Loft of all places. Who would've thunk it?

totally non-snobby purse-bitch like.


also, congrats on the jeans! that can be a very sad experience.

I would give my up my access to good credit for the next three years in order to own a good Coach bag, doulazanie! What a lucky husband to have someone has wonderful as you to buy for. ;)

Hey-- remember to move that button before Saturday.

And for some reason, I kept thinking that your hot pants were actually 'hot pants' and thats just funny. Happy Anniversary! Look at my ass!

i'd say 3 is good, of course, i use a kid size backpack as my purse so... consider the source.
i need a picture of the pants... i'm totally picturing this evil clown thing going on (please assure me that you're not wearing the pants with big red shoes). how can you wear flare jeans? what shoes do you wear with them? whenever i wear flares i look like some kind of pimp momma ho. i miss the old pegged jeans of the 80's. sob.

Three purses sounds good. When I go away I usually only take one, but that is simply because a) I'm a poor student, and b) I don't go out to pretty restaurants cuz it's not my anniversary ;) But for you, for this trip, it sounds perfect. Also congratulations on the jeans and the sexy pants.

Ok, I guess I'm not much of a girl. I only own one purse at a time. I make up for it with the shoes though. And yep, we really need a link for those jeans cause they sound a little weird quite frankly.

Ok missy, if you want to discuss junk in the trunk, you have to come to my house. I totally sympathize with your clothing plight because I too was blessed with more butt than any woman needs to have. I hardly ever wear jeans anymore because if they fit the waste is way too big.

I really enjoy your site!

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