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Two reasons I suck

Reason #1:
I have not been to anybody's site in at least a week. Also, I have about a gajillion unanswered emails. What can I say? Things are crazy.

Reason #2:
My husband and I are going to be walking around New York City wearing matching fleece pullovers. If that's not cool, I don't know what is. I'm just hoping I have time before we leave tomorrow to buy some matching fanny packs.

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have a great trip!!


As if the matching fleeces weren't bad enough. You will definitely get mugged (not to mentioned fugged) by adding the packs of fanny.

hmmm. We will forgive the matching fleeces. Seriously, have a wonderful time! Happy anniversary to one of my favorite blog couples!

This is totally why I love you Beth.

No, it isn't the four thousand bags or the way your hair just "does that thing"... It's the fact that you just KNEW that matching fleece and fannypacks go hand-in-hand.

I totally heart you. Seriously.

beth... put down the fanny packs. really, i think you two are the coolest, so just step away from the fanny packs... eh, eh, hands where i can see them. okay. that's better... now go wrap yourselves in matching fleece and have a great time! happy anniversary!

My husband and I have matching bucket hats that we wear when we're on vacation. It's the next best thing to wearing t-shirts that read, "Feel free to mug us - we're tourists!"

Fanny packs are ok, if they're made by Coach. Have a great trip!

did you get the fanny packs?

fanny packs? somehow i don't think mr. fish will go for the fanny packs. lol. i hope you're enjoying your trip! :D

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