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Vacation Mode = ON, Coherent Thought Processes = OFF

The other day I made a snarky comment about people who act like owning a couple of Coach bags is some sort of positive reflection of their value as a person. I picked Coach bags sort of at random, but also because I own a couple myself and I figure if I'm going to be insulting I may as well insult myself first, especially since, you know, I'm not really like that. It was more the attitude than the item that I was getting at. But then.

I ran out at lunch today to pick up a couple things for my vacation next week and I very nearly bought myself a new Coach bag while I was out. This was not because I really liked the bag, oh no, but only because it was on sale. I saw Coach and 25% off and I got a little light-headed and may have blacked out for a second and the next thing I knew I was heading towards the register with an ugly pink purse in my outstretched arms like a zombie on the scent of fresh brains. I snapped out of it. I put the purse down and backed away slowly with my hands in clear view. I am truly contrite and ready to pay my debt to society.

Nice to meet you Kettle, I'm Pot.

On a totally unrelated subject, Saturday is my fifth anniversary and I do not have so much as a card for my husband. We decided not to do gifts this year since the trip to NYC is costing plenty, thank you very much, but I do want to have something to give him. Just a little thing, to show I, like, care, or something. Problem is that he is impossible to buy for and I have no idea what to get. Anybody have any recommendations? Or, I know! How about if one of you just sort of casually asked him what he might like and then told me? Please? Somebody? Just don't tell him that I asked or what it's for. Thanks!

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Lingerie. He will definitely appreciate it, even though he doesn't get to wear it.

Ray Charles has a new CD out that is really romantic. year I got my hubby an engraved pen and pencil set for work. It was nice and he really liked them. (of course that was the year that he dropped $500 on a new HUGE lens for my camera and a very nice camera bag as my gift, so I felt like a cheapskate)

Cufflinks? Whomever said lingerie was on the money. A Book he's been wanting to read. That CD sounds good, too. The whole series DVDs of a TV show that he loves. I do this every single year, too.

And the whole "Let's not buy for each other this year" thing is dangerous. I took him at his word one year and ended up with a large pile of presents while he had nothing. He was upset and I felt terrible, even though we agreed not to buy for each other.

Happy anniversary to you a couple of days early.

If you can come up with a good gift for a husband who's hard to buy for, please let me in on it. Cause I have a real problem as well.

And have a great trip!

The whole lingerie thing is a good idea, but what about waiting until you get to New York and pick him up something to remember your trip...

Oooh..I like the last idea of having HIM pick out the lingerie. But I think, knowing Chris hardly at all that writing him something and having that framed or given in a special way would mean the world to him. (as sappy and girlie as that sounds)

We're celebrating 25 years together starting the 17th with a trip to Cozumel. Hoot! And yep, we've been married long enough that we ALWAYS decide not to bother with gifts for each other. And yep, there's times when one of us will buy for the other and the other didn't buy a thing. But it's never been a problem. We figure if we want to buy the other something then that's what we wanted to do so we just enjoy what comes. Besides, the real gift can't be bought. Our gift is the opportunity we have to spend any part of any day or any hour or minute with each other. And every day we both get that gift. But then, you know exactly what I mean...

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