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Whatever happened to a warm and hearty handshake?

I just met my new manager for the first time. She hugged me. I didn't realize that hugging was going to be a job requirement.

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Maybe she's heard all about you and just feels *that* close to you already?

Perhaps she was hitting on you?

Maybe she has clammy hands......

wha wha what! isn't that more of a "so sad you're leaving, we'll miss you, blah blah blah" type of a thing? that's kinda creepy if you ask me (did you ask me? cuz if you didn't, i still think that, and if you did, that's my answer) keep us posted to what she does for your first review!

Hugging on first meeting....may not be a good sign. Unless you're working on Sesame Street.

I'd be a little thrown with that one. I've never been hugged by a boss that I can remember.

i have a boss that does that. and she loves to hug you when you're about to cry, which then MAKES you cry.

At least she's friendly....?

Yikes!!! Personal space alert! I have personal issues on this and wouldn't know what I'd do if a new boss did that to me. I like my one-foot "personal space sphere", and only select members get to cross the barrier.

I know, I'm a total weirdo.

Yeah, but is she cute?

That's odd. At least she didn't kiss you!

I think I might have to quit if my boss hugged me. Then again, he's not really the hugging type, so the odds of that happening are extremely slim.

In the bubble!!! In the bubble!!! Hugs are not cool with me at all at work. Not so much even at church. I don't know you new-boss-lady?!

Maybe...she was just so happy to have you working for her because the last person spent the whole day blogging and never did any work. ;^)

I would have been wierded out too. At least she didn't lean in for a kiss.

A hug does seem a little over-enthusiastic. But at least you know she's glad to have you there!

Mass murderers tend to hug their victims when they meet them for the first time! ;-)

I am totally a huggy person, but boss? First time meeting? Um...gah? I side-hugged my boss after a few months because she was having a rotten day. I hope that doesn't fall into creepy too. It felt awkward anyway.

ACK! I hate huggers. Huggers make me feel all violated and awkward. My God, what if she hugs you every morning when you come to work? EEK! Ask for a raise!!

Well, that's a little creepy. I'm a huggy person, but I can't think of a time where I've ever hugged someone the first time we met. Especially a boss. (The thought of hugging my boss? Ewww)

is she southern?...we hug everyone

now, i'm a huggy person. but i don't hug people when i first meet them. unless i've talked to them for a really long time, and even then, i only hug 'em when we're saying goodbye if it seems appropriate. definitely not at work, though. yuck.

That's just weird. If someone at my work hugged me, I think I would faint.

I'm all about a good hug, but jeez! I was recently hug-assaulted by a coworker. We're not close. At all. I don't ever remember having a conversation with her. She just hugged me one day as she was leaving. Some people are just random huggers, or just cannot contain the hug. I guess?

I have a couple of "higher ups" that hug me. It was a shock at first, but I find it's ok

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