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Williamsburg is very educational. This weekend, I learned all about funny costumes, wig making, horse poop, and silly hats.




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OMG! I just want you to know that if you showed up at my door wearing any one of those three hats, I would leave my family and run away with you. Especially, the orange fuzzy one. :)


Hmmm, again that whole being married thing is standing in the way! :-)

Looks like you two had fun, man I really ned to get out more often.

You look AMAZING in hats. Have you ever thought about wearing one of those hats full time? How about to work, just to see how folks would react? LOL
I definately think it would be a good thing!

What? No pictures of the poop?!

You guys are adorable -- even in Williamsburg-ian costumes.

The second one is my FAVORITE!!!

What no powdered wig and knickers? = )

I dig the bonnet- I think I have a picture of me in a bonnet from 5th grade when we went to a historic village for a field trip and re-enacted life in the 1800's. But I digress...

Hey, don't look now, but I think that guy in the second picture just threw a firecracker in your hair.

Between you and Chris, one of ya'll needs to post a pic of the infamous poo. Looks like you had a great time!

So retro!

Hahahahaha! Cute! :)

hmmm. I think Colonial Williamsburg should employ you as the Official Person Who Wears Our Funky Hats. There probably wouldn't be as many damn meetings!

You two look so cute.....and your hair looks awesome in pic #2....and yea...I'm glad you had an educational, hat filled weekend :)

I'm partial to the bonnet myself. Very wholesome looking...not a lot of people could pull that off.

Beth you look lovely as a colonial!

Secretly you really brought that second hat back didn't you? Are you going to wear it to work? Love them!

SOMEONE had fun! damn you. i like the bonnet. argh me lass

Those hats are the best ever. I love the silly hats.

Personally? I like the feather hat! Tre Cool!

You two make a very stylish couple.


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