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You look really nice today. Also, have you lost weight?

First, can I just tell you how much I love that I have an item on my calendar today that says "Disco Call?" I have a disco call at noon, people, it's time to break out the polyester.

Second, can I just tell you how nice all of you people are? Thank you so much for your kind words and happy thoughts and kinky suggestions (especially the kinky suggestions). Thank you for the crossed fingers and toes and hairs but not legs and the prayers and for being the loveliest nicest prettiest internet people with the best hair in the whole entire world.

Third, yes, I know that lots of people go through this and more and some of them even choose to write about their experiences and that has been incredibly helpful for me. I just hope I will be able to maintain a small amount of the grace and courage and humor I have come to admire in these other women. I know we will have kids one way or the other and sooner or later, but nobody has ever accused me of being patient and I WANT MY BABY NOW DAMMIT!

Sorry, where was I? Oh yes.

I am amazed and humbled and awed by all of you. Thank you.

(P.S. Anybody wanna make out?)

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I worry that I'll turn into Crazy Infertility Lady ("give me some candy!") so I have made my two closest girlfriends SWEAR on their Kate Spade bags that they'll warn me if I approach that point. I think you are far from that and already handling it with grace and humor.

If I said yes to making out my husband would want to watch. And video tape it.

As it happens, I only make out with people in polyester. See you after noon.

I'm down. Are you sure Chris won't mind?


makeout parties rock! uhm, not that i know first hand mind you. i've heard. yeah, that's it. anyhoo. sounds cool.

As someone who's 11th anniversary was yesterday and also as someone who did not get ANY lastnight.
I'm in.

Like Donna above, if I said yes to making out, My guy would demand he watch. lol

Have a GREAT weekend Beth!

If I say yes will you still respect me tomorrow?

hey babycakes. I'll make out with you....I'm gifted ;)

Disco call and a make out just doesn't get any better than that. Fetch my white jacket and the Binaca, I'm heading over to Beth's house for some Boogie Oogie Oogie!

Do we have to keep going through this? Yes! I DO want to make out. Damn it.

It's high school all over again...polyester and makeout parties...where do I sign up?

mmmm making out

Mr Fish needs to take a lesson from you -- he is only offering cookies.

Beth, it took me a second to work it Australia make out means to snog, kiss, etc. I guessing you mean make over, make up I off the mark...damn ignorant aussie. Oh and this damn ignorant aussie has added you to her blog roll..hope you don't mind, what with rampant ignorance I'm displaying.

LOL to Aussie mama!!!! Oh, and I'd love to make out but you'd never want me...what with the huge ass and all:(

Uh, I'm just here to steal code.

Me! Me!!!!


Of course, it might be kind of difficult with all my things crossed.


Our thoughts and prayers are with you. I can confirm it's a wild and amazing journey, and you'll never regret it.

You might lose some hair and a bit of your sanity along the way, but you'll never be able to imagine what life was like without the little critters.

I hope you get preganant soon. You and your hubby would make the gene pool party a lot more fun.

Yes, I will make out with you. That's what friends are for. Or, is it? I don't know. I'm easy to talk into stuff.

As the making out question: Consider it done.

Being patient is not my best quality either LOL :)

Good luck to the both of you :)

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