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Best and Worst

Best thing about lunch (other than the charming company of my friend the muffin): Green tea ice cream. Have you had this? Why didn't you tell me about it?

Worst thing about lunch: Splashing soy sauce on my brand new shirt. At least I didn't drop my water all over my friend the muffin, which is what I did the last time we went to lunch.

BTW - the muffin is an actual person and a dear friend of mine who has allowed me to call him the muffin for 6 years, even in public.

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The "muffin" is just a muffin, right?

Where does one get green tee ice cream. I love me some green tea.

Oh, I love green tea ice cream. Love. It. I have this idea that it is actually healthy. If I am wrong, I don't want to know.

Its not Clive Owen is it?

When you are in public and speaking directly to the muffin do you say things like "Now, the muffin, you know that my hand bag obsession is totally healthy." or do you drop "THE" and just call him muffin? Because calling him muffin seems pretty normal to me, but THE MUFFIN is a bit overboard. = )

Yes! Green tea ice cream! I had no idea you were in the dark on this. If I had known, I would have told you tout de suite.

Now I must apologize and grovel for forgiveness for inadvertently keeping the green tea ice cream a secret.

However, one word, for future reference: mochi (another Japanese desserty thing)

Green Tea Ice Cream? I've got to try that.

Sorry about the spill.

we get green tea ice cream and ginger ice cream at trader joes. i know you have one near you... i know you do. stop looking around like that. no, i'm not over there behind that bush, stop looking. cut it out. stop it.

now just go to TJs and get some ice cream, and soycutash (that stuff is good)... and maybe some of that blueberry juice... =)

you had sushi for lunch?...yum....even better you had sushi with a guy named Muffin.....this is why I keep coming back

Yes Beth, off course the muffin is a real person, and those choc chips are his dark eyes, right?'s ok, we won't judge you, just be yourself.

What flavour is the muffin?

You know I thought you were calling an ACTUAL muffin your friend, right? And that made me a little bit sad. Hee. I have not had green tea ice cream, but I recently discovered the wonder that is cinnamon ice cream. So. Good.

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