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Beth of the Jungle

I decided to wear a skirt today because it was either that or my yoga pants thanks to my previously-mentioned holiday fatness. I also decided not to wear pantyhose because I believe that if God had intended me to wear pantyhose he wouldn't have given me boots. However, the skirt I chose is not quite as long as I thought and the boots are not quite as tall as I thought and this has left me with a couple inches of exposed legs which have not been shaved in. well. in long enough that they should not be prancing around in public. Add to that the fact that it is freezing in my office which has caused me to be covered in goose bumps which means that my legs look like some deformed variety of furry porcupines, albeit porcupines wearing really nice black leather boots.

Honestly, you can't take me anywhere.

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Hee hee hee- I can so relate. I just got around to shaving my legs for the first time in awhile (I won't disclose how long as not to offend anyone). Hey, anything to keep warmer in the elements, right? LOL

That happened to me on Sunday! I was all fat and stuff, so I put on a long skirt with a slit in the side with some tall boots. I noticed that patch of unshaven skin and decided to put on the panty house. It's cold out and I could use the control top anyhow.

Heh, heh. I didn't shave my legs today either, but nobody seemed to notice. No boots though. So where's the pic of the porcupine legs? :D

Not hairy, insulated!

But it also sucks to wear tall boots just after you shave. No matter what I try, my legs sting all day in boots. I try to wear boots on the second day after the shave.

Boots are wonderful, but you're gonna need the fur, ya know - it's winter!

Um. Yeah. I shaved last night for the first time in TWO WHOLE WEEKS. Someone is totally going to revoke my "girly-card".

Ha-- I took one look at my legs this morning and thought: Shave or Pants?? Pants have won again.

Hee hee,
Yes, I too have not shaved, do not believe that panyhose are in any way nature. They were developed by a man with a chip on his shoulder and every intention of torturing a woman. Not to mention, every time I've worn them I get them twisted and it's sooo painful!
I feel for you.

heehee. woops. :) that's why i wear pants. who needs shaved legs when you wear pants? :) you should've gone w/ the yoga pants! *lol*

I almost wore that exact outfit today, unshaved legs and all. Lucky for me I found a pair of pants that fit stuffed in between two pairs of jeans.

LOL. I can so relate to your current situation and I would gladly lend you one of the razors I have in my office so you can shave the parts that need some shaving! But since it is winter and all, a little furriness can at least aid you in keeping warm. :)

ha ha ha too funny, and a direct contrast to my Nanook of the North look today, as Los Angeles breaks all kinds of records for COLD and I do not have clothes for this. Am wearing silk long johns, shirt, sweater, poncho, scarf, gloves, tights, pants, boots and I am still cold.

It is 45. STOP laughing. Cold is relative.

gah!!! I hate it when I think an outfit is one way and it's actually not~

i hate shaving this time of year...i just got around to shaving the other night for the first time in about 2 weeks. we should go on's a pain in the ass to shave sometimes. ugh.

I know it's time to shave when my leg hair is acutally poking out of the panythose.



spell much?

You know ugg boots are in, maybe you could grow your hair really long and create a fake/shag ugg boot.

So, I'm not the only one who just chooses not to shave for a VERY LONG time during the colder seasons? Because, seriously, it's too much trouble if no one's going to see.

That is me. You know what's really bad? That moment when you realize that a)something's kind of messed up about the way you look, b)people have already seen it, and c)you're gonna have to be walking around like that for the rest of the day.

Sounds like a difficult day - fashionwise.

I truly think that shaving the legs and being married are in direct correlation. I would have never gone unshaven when I was single. But now, the thing is, I actually stop and say to myself, 'If I shave now, these nice long hairs will no longer be soft, they will be sharp and pointy in a matter of about 24 hours, so can I afford sharp and pointy by tomorrow?' And I don't know about you, but when my legs are hairy and I stuff them in pantyhose, the hairs just kinda swirl around in there making it look as if there's some sort of tie dye affect going on. Look ma, a hair tattoo! Does anyone else have a problem with putting their fingernails through there pantyhose right off the bat? I have taken to buying 3 pair, just so I actually manage one of them. Pantyhose, like light bulbs can be made to last a lifetime. But those evil money making bastages won't do it. Ok, did I ramble a little bit there?

I can't handle going more than a few days without shaving. Mainly because my legs have nice dark hair on them. It really shows up if it gets too long.

My left leg was very scary when it came out of cast. Based on what was above the cast, I wasn't too worried. I should have been.

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