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Blingity bling bling bling

I have a confession to make. I cleaned out some closets this weekend (well ok, I moved things around between various closets and didn't actually get rid of anything) and I uncovered a stash of previously undocumented handbags. Yes, I know, I have issues. Shut up.

Also this weekend, I took my husband to see topless dancers. With my parents. There we were: Mom, Dad, me, Chris, all in a row watching women dance around without any actual tops. I could explain how this came about, but it is much more fun to just leave it at that.

And finally, I am turning 30 in (gulp) 6 days and as a reward for not rushing off to get a face lift and a boob job and a 22 year old boyfriend, my husband agreed to buy me some bling for my birthday. We got it on Saturday. It is the blingiest bling that has ever blinged in my presence, but you know, tasteful like. It was also about three times as much as I was expecting to spend, but what? I'm supposed to argue with my husband and say no honey, please don't buy me those blingy blingy diamonds? How about you buy me that dog collar thing we saw at Tiffany's instead? Yeah, I don't think so. So we bought it and I wore it Saturday night because we couldn't just leave it in the car now could we and I wore it yesterday too because it is important to look blingy and sophisticated when you are raking leaves. I took it off before bed last night so I wouldn't keep Chris awake with all the shiny sparkly moonbeams bouncing off the bling all night. I will post a picture but not until next week because I am going to make Chris wrap it up with a bow and give it to me on Sunday so I can act surprised and get that new bling glow all over again. So yes, apparently in addition to my purse fetish I have a rampant and unchecked diamond fetish. What's a girl to do?

Don't hate me because I'm blingyful.

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Ohh-- Happy Blingday, Beth! Please warn us before the reveal-- I need to keep my retinas intact.

Ohh prety bling and purses! Yay for being a female. Now come ON, tell us the story with the strippers and the dancing, COME ON!

Yes, you did the right thing. Never argue with a man who wants to buy you diamonds. I can't wait to see the gift after the birthday.

Looking forward to seeing the blingingful bling after your blingday. :)

I love the word blingyful

ohhhh....what woman doesn't have a thing for diamonds?...or handbags for that matter?...but to have a husband that understands the need for bling...lucky

Birth, schmirth. Doesn't everyone know its happy Blingday?

Where are the photos of the blingday goods? And uh, did you just write that your parents joined you for the topless fun? Never a dull moment at Fish and Cactus' house!

happy 6 days before your 30th birthday! i couldn't wait to be 30. it seemed like i'd been waiting for it forever. i threw myself a Happy Birthday Bowling Bash (TM) and had fun watching my friends bowl drunk. If ever there was a need for grown-ups to use bumpers...

Hee. I hope your 30th is just as fun. And hell, it looks like you're starting off on the right foot.

Hey, I didn't get any bling for my 30th birthday! Waaaahhhhh!!

I had to go look up "bling bling" on Google. Fortunately for me its just been added to Oxford English dictionary.

Happy early birthday, Beth. Uh, I'm not sending any bling bling to you though.

My husband blinged me good (i.e. brand new amazing ring) for our 10th wedding anniversary in 2003. It is kind of embarrassing how that diamond shine can make you all silly.

Happy 30th, in advance!

I think this post should also be titled, "How Many Ways Can You Use the Word 'Bling'?" hehe Very thoughtful of you to take it off to let Chris (and yourself. *g*) sleep. ;)

Ohh, happy birthday. Can't wait to see the 'bling'.

You know what they say -- diamonds are a girl's best friend. Wow, I don't know that I've ever used that phrase before! Husbands/boyfriends; get the hint. Looks like Chris did! Yay for your new bling, can't wait to see it in all it's blingin' glory!

Happy early Blingday! And dang, you're young!

I hope you have a very happy birthday, and a happy year.

Ooh pretty shiny things! I am very easily distracted by such. A friend of mine recently got engaged, and I gravitated to that thing like gangbustahs.

Bling is much better than boobs. Should Chris leave, you can sell the bling. You're stuck with the boobs...LOL

What's a girl to do? Collect more and more bling because you're just getting older! ;-)

I, am 31. Been where you are. Girl, you're so not old yet!

i have no bling. now i am (even more) jealous of your fabulousness!

Happy birthday, go you bling girl go. Oh and I think the beams of the diamond in the moonlight thing would be very soothing.

Happy 30th, you handbag-coveting bling-wearing you.

And also, send me some of your handbags. I can never seem to find a great purse to go with what I'm wearing.

I am looking forward to seeing the bling.

Await blingy photo w/interest. Also supplemental handbag photo.

I hate you because you are blingful. I'm ashamed to admit it but I do.

And also cause you're younger than me.

Nah..I'm just kidding.

30 acutally went very well for me ... 27 KILLED me. I had to spend the money we had saved for a weekend getaway on new appliances. I felt so OLD. Congrats on the bling and the discovery. = )

Beth? Should we start passing out the sunglasses in preparation for the unveiling? Wouldn't want to be unprepared, you know.

Um, okay. So how do I know you're not LYING about the bling? I have no pictures to prove the luscious-ness of the bling!

C'mon, Beth! Show us the goods!

Oh, how you deserve a blingingful birthday! Can't wait to see the pictures -

You kill me. I guess now I'm going to have to wait until Sunday to see the goods. Maybe when I get rich and turn 30 I'll get some bling. Here's to hoping.

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