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Blingity Bling Bling Bling: Part II

Do you have any idea how hard it is to take pictures of diamonds? Here's the best I got, although it really doesn't do it justice.


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Awesome. The background is perfect. I imagine you were having troubles when using the flash to illuminate it right? Here's a little tip: take a piece of white paper or cloth and tape it ofer the flash on your camera. That will act as a diffuser and even out the light and help eliminate hot spots. Depending on your camera if you can adjust it manually or if it has exposure bracketing you could also work with those to help out a bit!

Beautiful. :)

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh it's beautiful!! :)

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful day wearing your new sparklies :)

Oooooh! Aaaaaaahh! It's lovely!

Happy Birthday!

Just lovely, Beth! Happy Birthday! 30 never looked so beautiful. :)

A beautiful present for a beautiful lady. And don't say otherwise, cos I've seen the pictures now of you and the present. :)

Here's to things only getting much, much better.


Happy Birthday, Beth! I had to turn down my screen brightness before I was blinded by the light! Wow! Nice bling... :-)

Hope you're having a simply wonderful birthday weekend...

I am loving the bling! Great choice of necessary and deserved bling! And a very happy happy birthday to YOU!!

Happy birthday! And congrats on the shiny new object! I'm a bit of a diamond ho myself. I don't possess many but I lust after them all!

Happy Blingday to you,
Happy Blingday to you,
Happy Blingday dear ladywhogotprettydiamondsfromherrockstarhubby,
Happy Blingday to you.

Happy Birthday, Beth!

Wow. Very blingy.

Happy Birthday, Beth! What a gorgeous gift...btw, does Chris have a brother? ; )

Oooh. Very pretty. Happy birthday and many many many happy returns :D

Those are gorgeous! Happy birthday! :)

Yay for blingy presents! Happy Birthday!

Gorgeous! Happy birthday! :)

Bling Bling!

very blingy! :) Happy birthday!

very very nice....Hope you had a very happy birthday!

Happy Birthday! Hope it was fabulous and Chris spoiled you as you so rightly deserve. (Although he seems to have as good of taste in presents as he does in women...excellent!!!!)

Awwww! VERY pretty!

Happy birthday :))

Purty. Mr. Beth did good, methinks.

It's beautiful!
I still say it's better than boobs.

Happy Birthday, Blingy Beth!


Good stuff. And don't fear the 30; at 30, everyone starts taking you seriously, and that's never a bad thing.

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