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Don't you hate it when...

... you try to remove your big honking ugly annoying pager from your waste band and it's caught on your thong and you end up pulling your underwear up to about armpit level before you realize what's going on?

Or is that just me?

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At least you didn't have it unclip while you were in the toilet and then need to fish it out of the 'water'. I had that happen with a phone of mine!

um ouch

I cringed when I read that. Ick.

Geeeez, you'd think that the nuclear wedgie you gave yourself would clue you in that something is wrong. "Hey, I can't answer my phone and what the heck is wrong with my backside?!"

Beth is too damn distracted these days. She needs a hot bath, a gin and tonic, and chocolate.

What? You thought you might've had panty lines right near your crack so you had to hike them up higher? Damn girl, that had to hurt!

Yes, does hurt. Sorry, honey! But I've done the drop the phone in the potty one too, and that's worse, and more expensive.

Oh, phone in the potty. That makes me cringe so hard.

Well -- fortunetly for me, I wear no underwear. So, no - I don't have the problem.

I'm sorry, I was drifting there when you said "thong."

What was the question?

Obviously you need to go commando.

Were there other people around to witness this? cause then? That's some seriously funny stuff right there.

Can't say, don't usually wear a thong near my waistband. Plastic cell phone holster gets stuck in my pants, though.

Just you! I tend to notice any action that may go on below the waist, especially when thong related!! HAHAA.

Haha! I can't think of anything worse than the self-inflicted super wedgie. hehe

Oh I don't know.. some of my happiest memories involve my pager and my thong...

Laughing at/with you. heehee I know the feeling! Lucky me doesn't have to carry one of those anymore, but I get to use my personal cell phone for work and do exactly that sort of thing on a regular basis.

Niiiiice. Also sexy.

Nope. Never happen to me. Gotta wear em before somethin' could get stuck in them.
No pager either.
Cell phone resides in the purse.
The only thing down my pants is, well, me.

I am laughing so hard I snorted and cryed at the same time! Not fair!
Warn people will ya!

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