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Election Day Photo Essay

I was planning to post an Election Day Photo Essay today taken with my brand new camera phone, starting with the length of the lines at my neighborhood polling place at 6 AM this morning followed by a selection of the various "I Voted" stickers I have seen at work today. There really is quite a bit of variety in those "I Voted" stickers. Mine, for example reads "I Voted: Presidential Election 2004." I suppose this is to prevent a person from hanging onto their stickers from previous elections and using them on Election Day to foist themselves off on the unsuspecting public as someone who has done their civic duty. The photo essay was meant to culminate with a picture of my very own "I Voted" sticker attractively affixed to my forehead.

However, my brand new camera phone which arrived yesterday was cleverly shipped to me without a minor accessory that makes it possible for the phone to, you know, function. Therefore you, The Internet, will not be able to view my carefully planned photo essay and will therefore not be so inspired by the variety and power of I Voted Sticker Art that you rush immediately from your computers and make it your personal mission to insure that every person within a 5 square mile radius of you (larger in rural areas) casts a ballot before the polls close tonight. This is a sad, sad day for Democracy.

While you weep quietly to yourselves, I will tell you a fun thing to do while voting. After you turn in your ballot, go up to the little old lady handing out the "I Voted" stickers and ask if you could pretty please have two of them so you can wear them on your nipples. It is worth it to see the expression on her face. Trust me.

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So sad to miss the photo essay. I have my I voted sticker right here... on my nipple. I then stole my son's (he us 4 & went with me) and put it on my other nipple. Won't my hubby be surprised!

Hmmm we don't get stickers for voting up here. what gives?

you got a sticker??..I didn't get a Louisiana polls....humph

Not so much surprised as thrilled silly. Now here's another fun thing to do when voting. My boss actually did this (anybody who knows him knows he's a habitual pot-stirrer). Just when he was about to go into the booth, he stepped out of line and said to the person behind him "Why don't you go ahead, I'm not ready". Three people practically body slammed him saying "you can't do that!!!". He proceeded to agrue that it shouldn't matter if they're not planning on keeping track of each individual person's vote. He does this kind of thing for fun.

the stickers are the key. i truly believe this to be true. i think if we carefully researched the matter we would find that the states that give out stickers have higher turnout rates. let's write a grant and get this done for the next election! come on. it'll be fun. and afterwards we can have a makeout party.

oh. sorry. is that old news? :D

Nipple stickers, eh? You're a classy broad. ;)

I voted! Yay for voting! Go Kerry! Nipple stickers all around!

Too bad about the photo essay! There is a lot of sticker variety. My sticker has a flag and says I voted and Yo Voté, tricking people into thinking I might speak Spanish.

I asked for two stickers -- since I voted twice! Hey -- I live in Chicago!

I am confused....why vote twice?

I am off to the polls in a few minutes and I will get two stickers or knock the lady out of her chair

I bet the look on her face is only exceeded by the look on her face when you ask for three 'I voted' stickers because you have three nipples.

Sooo like the major corporations to do such a thing to you!

Should we lynch them?

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