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Election Day Photo Essay: Part II

I was planning to get my husband's "I Voted" sticker and do the nipple thing, but by the time he voted they had run out of stickers. (Or else he didn't really vote and is lying to prevent me from witholding sex.) Therefore, I am forced to go with my original plan.


Tell the truth - am I the hottest girl with a sticker on her head that you have ever seen? Yeah, I know I am.

Comments (16)

yes dear you look very hot with that sticker on your head.:)

We ought to make out :)

You're positively sizzling.

The only way you could be hotter is if you had one of the hats from Williamsburg on as well.

Soooo hot. Want to touch the hein--err--sticker!!

Yes, oh, yes, you are, by far, the hottest girl with a sticker on her head that I have ever seen! Thanks for sharing with us!!

Very sassy. I voted early and they did not give out stickers to us. Bastards!

of all the chicks i've seen with stickers on their heads today, you're the hottest. of course, had they been giving out stickers when/where i voted, i'd have given you quite a run for the money!

I am very sad that I didn't get a sticker after I voted. Maybe they don't believe in giving out stickers in my state, just like 92% of my fellow statespeople don't believe in gay marriage.

*scowling* at 92% of my statespeople, including my parents.

You are so damn Hot!!!
Love that sticker! it is different from MY sticker! I will have to take a pic with my sticker! What a good idea! I may steal your forhead sticker photo idea!

Oooooooooh, hot babe with sticker on forehead. Excuse me, I need to go take a very, very, very cold shower.

You are the hottest girl I've ever seen with a sticker on her forehead and Mr. Fish is the hottest guy I've seen biting his nails.

The two of you are gonna have gorgeous kids!

I like your sticker better -- I want your sticker...

What's up with no new Prez today?

You're positively luscious! With cute hair, too.

You're the hottest chick with a sticker on her forehead I've seen ALL WEEK!

You're so damned cute!

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