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Embarassment of Riches

Will you lose all respect for me if I admit that I may be more excited by the Paul Simon box set than the bling?


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You can always wear your bling bling while you listen to Paul.

SWEET! You got good loot this year. I hope I do half as well. My 39th is nearing. :D

Not at all! Paul Simon rocks.

I hope you're having a fantabulous day.

Adding to my weirdness of having only one handbag and 4 pairs of shoes -- I would actually prefer CDs over bling. How sad am I? Glad you had a good birthday. Looks like you made out!

Girl its easy!Just prance around in your bling, singing along with Paul!

Sick... just sick....

Hope you had a wonderful birthday!
Between the Bling and Paul, I'd say you did!
No loss of respect. I think it's grand!

One year my (ex)husband bought me bling AND a new vacuum cleaner.
I was more excited about the new handy-dandy-1000 parts to make your cleaning easier-super powered-extra light vacuum! Now who's a sad individual?

Are you kidding me? I'd be more excited about that too.

Well, I loves me some Paul Simon, but in I am just selfless enough to suggest that you mail the bling to me, and you can keep the box set. I think that's fair.

Yeah, if you cannot appreciate the blingy without forsaking all others, then you must mail said blingy to me.

That boxed set looks awesome! I would definitely be more excited about the tunes than the bling, but I'm weird like that.

Happy 30th! Hope you had a great day!

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