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Her Zootness

I can't help myself, I have to give a shout-out to Zoot. Not only is she smart and funny and a blog guru, she also gave me a three column template for my blog, which I am right in the middle of destroying.

Now, the question is how much can I steal from Zoot and still claim that I did my own design?

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Gotta love the Zoot! :)

Zoot it so nice and forgiving that you can steal it ALL and claim it to be your own.
She won't mind.
Do it.

ooo goody, love me some redesign.

Zoot rocks...she really is awesome.

This comment is totally unZoot related, but I haven't been able to catch up on my selfish blog reading until now. So, I guess this is a huge compilation of comments:

11/20: Love that Zoot
11/19: How did you get your boss to send you flowers?
11/18: I wish I could fit into my thongs again. If I could fit into them I would happily give myself a wedgie with my pager.
11/17: Ha, ha, ha! That's me laughing out loud!
11/16: We're getting greedy around here and wanting ANOTHER baby. But, both of us are too tired for The Sex. Please make sure you have enough for the both of us.
11/15: Happy Belated Birthday! I loved turning 30 because I realized I was way too tired to care about what people thought.

love me some zoot!

chiming in on the love for Zoot. She's truly one of the kindest bloggers out there. Besides your lovely, funny self, of course.

Yay for redesign! I hope you don't abandon the purple, for I do like it!

Oh, I have been a lousy blogging buddy and haven't responded to your mail yet... does this mean you have the template already? Let me know if you need me to send something.

AND... all hail Zoot! :)

I know. Isn't she amazing? And she just taught herself everything.

If I only had a brain, maybe I could do the same thing.

Zoot is the cats ass!! :) And your post reminded me that I am waay to busy and blubber minded to remember that I was doing something for her a while back! DOH!

I stopped by Zoots place. Nice. Very nice. I think I like her.
I am too damned picky for my own good.

This is what happens when I spend the weekend being lazy and away from the computer - I totally miss all my lovin'.

And this is all I have to say - hell - if you can decipher those templates enough to even make any sense of them? You totally deserve to call them your own. I'm impossibly messy with my designs.

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