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I am not making this up

Please don't ask me how this started because I don't remember, but last night at dinner the hubby and I had a conversation about how long a man would continue to have sex if various parts of his body suddenly caught on fire. We determined that this was dependant on two factors:

1 - how close he was to, you know, the end
2 - what specifically was on fire

As an example, we decided that there would be more of a grace period if his butt was on fire than there would be if his hair was on fire.

I am thankful, today and every day, that we found each other because clearly we live in our own little world but it is a fun and lovely place to be.

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I remember reading something about this in some medical journal somewhere -- it's actually a condition - where men have to light themselves on fire to to, uh, well have fun! - yeah, that's it... I've heard lots of fireman have this issue -- maybe I'm wrong - it's too early.

Happy Turkey Day!

ha! Good point. But I think age probably plays a role as well.
For example an 18 yr old getting luck would not matter what was on fire.
But a 39 yr old...he'll stop if he so much as smells smoke.
What? Do you think my marriage needs work? what are you saying?

You two are hysterical, and I'm glad you found each other! Have a great Thanksgiving.

you two are truly blessed ;) Have a wonderful thanksgiving!

What woman is willing to continue to have sex with a guy with a flaming butt?! :)

LOL. I'm with noodge on this one! Have a great Thanksgiving. :)

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Well, personally, I think it gives new meaning to phrases like 'Baby, you're so HOT!' "on fire' etc etc. One does wonder though, DO cactii burn ...

And I am thankful you share that world with us!

All I have to say is, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your like minded hubby.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving - and that nothing set on fire!

Who knows how these conversations get started? What's important is that you have them. Communication is key, y'know? :-)

Not sure I want to know how that converstaion happened. The fact is that you both are so lucky to have found the one who truly speaks your language!

Inhabitants of desert and ocean unite, and somehow it works :) You guys are great.

you mean everyone doesn't talk about what would happen if you caught on fire during sex?....someone should have told me sooner!


Happy Thanksgiving

Thank you for giving us INSIGHT into your little world. It's an "interesting" place. Teeehehehehe!

You know, if I hadn't been reading both your and Chris's blogs for some ime now I'd be scared.

But by now, I think I'm used to it. ;)

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