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I made my bed

As a special treat for myself, I brought two cookies to work today to eat this afternoon when I was bored and tired and needed a sugar rush. I ate them at 9:15. They were lovely, but now I really miss my cookies.

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I did that last week. They were really good at 9, but would have been more appreciated at 2 when I meant to eat them.

That happened to me today, except it was a baggie full of almonds...

two more cookies than I got today....were they peanut butter ones?

Oh yeah I hate when I do that. Bring in food for later in the afternoon, but then give into temptation and devour all by the first coffee break of the day! LOL

Well, it's 9:46 pm and I am just heading to the kitchen for my first cookie of the day... or will it be a Butterfinger? hmmmmmmm.......................

ummm exactly what KIND of cookies were they? just askin...

Was that 9:15 in the afternoon? Next time you should buy 4 cookies.


Can I suggest you hide/place excessive amounts of cookies (scotch finger biscuits, or other yummies) around the place (drawers, cupboards, fridges), then when you least expect, you will come across one of the said cookies, thus surprising yourself and removing all guilt associated with consuming it. Also, when you are desperate you could always look for cookies or other treats you might have hidden.

Oh dear. I bought these low fat K-time muffin bar thingies to scoff at work. Thing is, I eat 2 in one sitting. So the box is gone too quickly. And yes, I miss them *sniffle*

Now that's willpower!! Well done girl, I would of eaten them on the way to work...that's if I worked outside the home ;)

Oh.. and I hope you don't mind, I've linked to you from my blog.

Yeah, its kinda like meeting a new friend and then eating them. Then hours later you have regrets and wish you had gotten to know them better before you ate them.

The good news is that there are lots of new friends waiting for you on the grocery store shelves.

The bad news is that you can buy as many of them as you want and nobody will stop you from destroying yourself doing this.

but what KIND of cookies were they? I adore cookies for breakfast, and think everyone should go down that road, everyday.

Most days, the poor cookies don't even make it to work. I've been known to stop my bicycle midway to the office and crack open my lunch bag.

Of course, then I'm ravenous for the rest of the day. Must. Learn. Self. Control.

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