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I wasn't looking looking

I was just in the ladies room, doing what ladies do, and as it just happened to be in my line of sight while reaching for the toilet paper I inadvertently gazed for an instant into the feminine product disposal unit bolted to the wall and noticed that there was a strip of backing such as would have been removed from some sort of panty-lining device and this strip of backing was printed with little pink hearts. I can't help but wonder who got the idea that a heart theme was ideal in this context.

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I *heart* hearts so my first thought was, "ooh, I MUST buy some of those!"

2nd thought though was that this reminds me of how most products for women are covered by flowers or other cutesy details. I'm annoyed by that. Sometimes you want to be able to buy an address book or eyeglass holder that doesn't have a picture of a rose or cat on it. Having said that ... you didn't by any chance notice what brand panty-liner that was? :D

I, as a pushover for practically anything with ♥'s would so totally buy those! Did you happen to notice if a brand name was listed on the strip? lol Seriously, the eggs I buy at the grocery store, I only buy because of a little cute happy face that's stamped on each egg. These marketing type people..they so have my number.

I believe these products are designed by gay men.

can't say i ever pay too much attention to stuff like that, then again i haven't touched that stuff in quite a while (benefits of breastfeeding).

Ah, yes-- the Everyone Loves A Cooter pantyliners... not really my fave.

Yeah, like it matters what they're decorated with. It annoys me that they think making them cutesy and happy will somehow make us buy them. They're necessities, people, NOT accessories.

Yeah - thats completely unnecessary.

I, personally, would rather see half naked hunky men instead of flowers or hearts.
It would make that unavoidable occasional glance into the trash receptical more interesting, don't you think?

I'm guessing the hearts were a man's idea. I just can't see a woman coming up with that.

What I want to know is, why is ANYTHING printed on them? Like, seriously, who the hell is looking? And if you do catch a glimpse of one (say, in the trash), do you really want something to draw your attention to it?

Obviously, it is to distinguish them from the men's version! Everyone knows, if you but a heart or flowers on something, women will be sure to buy it.

And why is all the girl stuff in PINK?

I would put an angry face and the words "fuck off" on my pantyliner wrapper if I were in charge.

We don't need no stiiinking hearts!

I noticed on the panti-liners I have been reduced to wearing (fuck you, peri-menopause!) is some "helpful hints" for us menstrating types. Like "drinking lots of water will lessen cramping"....and the lovely "exercise actually reduces cramps". Well....thank you very much for such valuable information on my panty-liner. Unreal.

Could be worse. Could have been little smiling clams or something..

(it's been a looong day)

I was walking through the Taunton Galleria a couple of weeks ago. It has two levels. I looked up and saw the biggest advertisement hanging down from the ceiling. It had a picture of a woman (larger than life) and it said KOTEX with a big red period next to it. Was that really necessary? Do we have to be assalted at every turn with our monthly curse? I might of overlooked it if it was just one, but these pieces of cardboard were up and down the entire mall. How tacky can you get?

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