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It's all about me

Well, I'm officially 30. If you want to be uptight about it (which I do) I wasn't actually 30 until 2:00 this morning as I was born very late at night in California. I think that means I should get more presents today. Anyway, I had a lovely weekend and a lovely birthday and was fully spoiled by my charming husband, including a specially prepared birthday breakfast and dinner at my favorite restaurant and a cheap grocery store birthday cake, which is my absolute favorite. I think I'm still buzzing from the sugar. I still have a birthday party to get through (next weekend since half my family was out of town this weekend) and then I promise that I will seriously consider not mentioning my birthday anymore.

Many thanks to all of you for your kind birthday wishes, and please accept my apologies for being a week behind in responding to email.

Quick question - is it tacky that I'm wearing the same outfit today that I wore to dinner last night?

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I hope not...I'm wearing the same thing I wore too :-)

No, not tacky. (As long as there are no stains of any kind on the clothes!)

Nobody at dinner will see you today, and if they happen to, and if they even remember the outfits, I do believe they need to get a life anyhow!
Just think of it as, you're saving water and wear on your clothes by just wearing them out before you wash them!

Not tacky unless you were wearing overalls and combat boots.

Sounds like an awesome birthday week, to me. See? 30's not so bad. :)

Happy happy happy birthday!

i like that you only promised to seriously consider not mentioning the birthday. why commit to anything? especially since it's your blog and you can talk about anything you like. i wouldn't mind daily birthday updates, especially if they include mentions of cake. mmmm, cake!

Well that depends really. If you went on a drunken binge last night and have stains from said bender on the clothes that might be bad. For that matter, if you wear depends it would be bad also!

Lately, I've been wearing the same outfit to dinner, lunch, breakfast, snacktime -- whatever... :-)

Nah, when you find an outfit that is work appropriate and doesn't need to be ironed, you go with it!

Hi Beth, Let me add my wishes to a very Happy Birthday for you. Here's too many more.

yay on turning 30! happy birthday!

i am sure i will be a tightass about it as well. ;)

and no, if there are no stains, definitely NOT tacky. heh.

I'm confused... was it ever NOT about you? Glad you had a nice birthday and the outfit repeat is totally acceptable.


Happy Birthday. Repeat outfits? Is it stained, funky, or wrinkled? No? Then go for it!

Happy day after your birthday! We had the Girl's birthday party Saturday. Thank goodness it didn't rain so the 25 kids could be out in the bounce house.

Happy (belated) Birthday to youuuuu. Didn't you know? Once you turn 30, you get to wear the same outfit every day for a year. So I hope it's really comfortable.

Happy (belated) Birthday! With all appropriate off-key singing included. I hope your day was amazing!

Oooo Cheap birthday cake... yum! I want cake now :( Happy Birthday!!

nope not tacky at all...unless they happen to be your PJ's (cuz really you can only do that during college)....I'm so happy you had a good birthday!

(ummm...did ja get the card?)

Not tacky. Very efficient

It's fine to wear the same outfit, if it works then work it baby.

I'm a little late, but happy birthday! And you never told us what Clive got you?

Happy Birthday! I hope that you had a great day!

I'll say it again.

H a p p y B i r t h d a y

Wear whatever you want.

Only if you are wearing the same underwear.

Glad you had a nice birthday. I just hit the 3-0 about 6 weeks ago. So far it hasn't been as traumatic as I'd expected!

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