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It's all about me (reprise)

Last night, we went to my parents' for a family dinner to celebrate my birthday. Except that we didn't. Instead, my entire family showed up at my house in a huge stretch limo.


We popped open the champagne and headed downtown. On the way, I opened my presents, more bling! I spent most of the ride guessing where we were going for dinner. McDonald's? No. Starbucks? No. A few minutes before we arrived I had a hunch and guessed what turned out to be the correct restaurant, Ten Penh.

We waited in the bar for a few minutes while they got our table ready.


The food was wonderful and the menus were custom made for the occasion.


I thought I was going to pop by the time we finished dinner. Then our waiter brought out the cake.


When we finally rolled out of the restaurant, we decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather to tour some monuments.



After that, it was off to the Improv and a table right in front.

Apparently my family had been planning this for months. I had no idea. It was a huge surprise and a great night. I am truly lucky to have such a wonderful family.


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Sounds just wonderful

Happy Birthday!

what a great surprise! :)

Happy 30th! What a great suprise and even better that it was kept a suprise! That cake looks to die for. I hope you took the extras home.

Happy Birthday, Beth. I'm so happy that you had a wonderful, memory filled event to celebrate this milestone in your life. It wasn't so bad turning 30 now was it?!

Awww that's SO sweet! You have a lovely family :) Sounds like you had a perfect 30th birthday :)

You are SO spoiled!
Good for you!

Happy birthday!! That evening sounds fantastic! What a wonderful family you have. :)

awww, that's awesome! :)

Spoiled rotten, you are. Good on ya.

that's a hell of a way to bring in 30! so glad you had a great time.

Wowsah, you are just a spoiled brat...ain't it grand? Good for you, Beth. You deserved it!

Wow that is way cool Beth. I got a cake on my 30th. And for all subsequent birthdays for that matter!

Wow, that sounds like a great surprise.
Happy Birthday again!

What a great birthday surprise! Happy birthday!

And how funny is it that the ONE restaurant I have been in to in DC as a grown up is Ten Penh?? We went there a couple of years ago when I tagged along with my husband on a work trip.

What an excellent surprise! Sounds like it was as good as it looks-- Happy Birthday!!

Happy, HAPPY Birthday! I'm glad you had a great time.

That is so awesome! I hope someone does something that nice for me when I turn 30!

And, I know I've said it before, but man do you look young!

That is the shiniest cake I've ever seen.

Awwww, I am so glad you had a lovely time. Your people is so special, ain't he?

You don't look a day over 29.

Wow! I'm sure your family will top your list at Thanksgiving time. Sounds like a great birthday! :)

Happy Birthday, again! - Gee, I'm really beginning to believe it's all about you!! HAHAHA! What a wonderful surprise - you have a wonderful family!!

That's such a sweet surprise. Glad you had fun!

Happy Birthday lucky girl!

Oh my gosh!!! That was quite a celebration.

Wow- what a fantastic weekend for you! I think the high point of mine was cleaning the carpets with the steam cleaner!

What a very wonderful birthday! That is awesome, and something to remember for all time!

What a lovely surprise! It sounds like a great evening. It's wonderful that your family all gets along like that (and that it works out to your benefit)

I just drooled on my keyboard.

I'm so jealous :) Someday, I'll stop throwing parties for people and they'll throw them for me. (yes, that was a pity party!) :)

Congrats on having a wonderful family!!!

first bling and then more bling and then lucky girl...of course its no less than what you deserve

Great pictures! And 30 is a great year. Happy birthday!

Oh Beth! I am so happy for your wonderful Birthday surprise! What a loving family! That is great that they took so much thought and effort to make your night special! Spoiled rotten...maybe...I call it loved and adored! That is a great feeling! And 30 is wonderful! : ) Enjoy ...and Bling is good too!

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