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Miscellany Four Ways

1. Thank you all for commenting on my post yesterday. For a while there it was very, very quiet and I worried that perhaps it had been a little too much sharing. I promise to avoid extended discussions of my sex life as much as possible. However, if you are for some reason terribly interested in my sex life, you should go check out my husband's version.

2. Are you guys reading Aussie Mama? If not, you really need to get on the ball. She cracks me up daily and also frequently talks to a handsome fireman and I am living vicariously through her.

3. You know that sinking feeling you get in your stomach when you see the cop too late to slow down to anything in the neighborhood of the speed limit and then the cop pulls out behind you? Yeah, me too. I managed to somehow make it into work without a ticket and without even having to break out the crocodile tears. I think the cop decided that I was just too attractive to pull over. That's my story and I'm sticking with it.

4. Someone near and dear to me has been nominated for a Diarist Award. I think he should definitely win as 1) he is awesome and 2) the winners are supposed to be announced on his birthday and how cool would that be? You should all go check it out and as long as you are there also vote. I'm not going to give you any recommendations on who to vote for. I'm sure that all of the nominees are deserving, but obviously some are more deserving that others.

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I read his entry this morning. I think it's great that you two are being open and upfront with what is going on in your lives. I like reading blogs that are real and honest. Not just happy pictures of kitties and children.

Of course the cop didn't ticket you because you are so fricken hot!! And I am definately voting for Chris, don't fret!

I posted on his about this, but it happens when you're not trying to make it happen, in my experience.

I don't mind the entries about extended sex discussions at all!

Apropos of nothing, I think you need to post more pictures.

Those two statements are in no way related to one another. And that's my story and I'm also sticking to it. :D

Re: the baby making business....I'm sure someone has mentioned this to you but just in a book called "Taking Charge of your Fertility" by Toni Weschler. I had two friends who hadn't gotten pregnant after 2 years of trying but after reading this book they both got pregnant within a few months. I read it before we started trying and credit what I learned in it to getting pregnant relatively quickly.

I think the cops are out in force today because there were two speed traps on the way into work this AM. Two cops each, one STANDING there with the radar gun, and the second waiting in the chase car.

And crocodile tears never work for me.

What, no Diarist Award plug for me just because I'm not your husband? Hmph.

I'm soooo glad Chris and Mir were in different catagories....that would have been a really hard decision to make...heh

I voted for Chris AND Mir... lol. Good luck!!

YAY for no ticket! I hate that feeling. I'm always on cop watch duty when we travel because I can sense them. Most of the time at least.

1.It's fine about the sex life least someone is having fun.
2.Am touched you get a giggle each day.....and please by all means help your vicarious self to my fireman (well strictly speaking, he not actually mine) but as Melissa Etheridge says, 'if wishes were horses this beggar would ride.'
3. Unfortunately cops have the same effect on me as firemen.
4.Your near and dear one's diary is v.good (as being such a snoop, just popped over and looked) and as such will possibly win the said award, will be sure to cast a vote that-a-way.

dude Aussie Mama is so funny...once again showing you have impecable tastes

Been There! Done That! Go Chris! And Why Arent You Nominated Again? Maybe Next Time?!

Silly Beth, of course we're all interested in your sex life! We're also starting a pool as to what month you'll actually turn up pregnant. There's a reason why there are more babies born in August than in any other month and guess what next month is? Hello Christmas cheer. Also can I borrow your parents for my birthday?

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