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Monday. Figures.

I was about 5 minutes away from my office this morning when I realized that I wasn't wearing my wedding ring (or my engagement ring or my anniversary band). Oh well, I thought. Then I realized how much not having my ring would annoy the ever-living tar out of me, so I turned around and went home to get my ring. By the time I made it home and back my 20 minute commute had become an hour and I was late for a meeting, but at least I wasn't going to be fidgeting and twitching all day. Well, at least no more than normal.

It gets worse. I am totally out of Altoids. I have been reduced to eating life savers out of the vending machine and they just are not doing it for me. The only thing that is worse than running out of Altoids is running out of Chap Stick. Gasp! Or both, god forbid.

I may have to go get a gingerbread latte to console myself. There's a Starbucks in my building and I haven't had a gingerbread latte since yesterday and am starting to go into withdrawal.

And trust me, I understand that I am spoiled rotten and that nobody feels even the least bit sorry for me. I'm pretty ok with that.

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I can totally understand the running out of Altoids. I used to be addicted to them until I discovered Dentine Ice. Which works much better for me as I was going through a couple of Altoid tins a day cause I can't suck on those things to save my life. I always chewed them, and they were gone within a few seconds so I'd have to pop more. Dentine Ice fullfills my need to chew plus contributes to fresh breath. :)

I can totally relate to the ring thing. I didn't put on a ring that my dad bought me the other day and was going crazy until I got home and realized it was on my dresser. I can't even imagine the engagement/anniversary/wedding band feeling.

Running out of chappy is never an option. Don't do it and don't even think about it-- you'll break into hives or something.

Have you tried the spearmint Altoids? Yum.

Turning around was smart. If it were I, I would have continued in to the office and then had heart attacks about every 10 minutes when I felt the rings weren't there. Even though I would have known where they were.

I hate forgetting my rings and try not to let it happen often...I feel so single and strange being in the grocery store without them, I actually try to hide my hand.

i hear ya! well, change it to eclipse mints, blistex and starbuck's peppermint mocha lattes and i hear ya!

may i ask how you forgot your rings? do you take them off at night? i've gotten so i don't ever remove them (okay, my engagement ring is stuck on my finger and won't come off!)

Whever I forget to wear my ring, I hate it too. Not only does it bug me, I feel like judgemental people are staring at my hand, looking at me with my young children...

Go get a latte and some Altoids so you can relax.

I'm right there with ya! If I forget my wedding rings I am a wreck all day.

I've just recently started reading your blog - and Chris' blog - and I must say you are definitely spoiled and I think that's exactly how it should be - good for you!

I am not a wreck without my rings, but it does annoy me.

I have not had the pleasure of the gingerbread latte, but perhaps I'll stop on my way to work tomorrow and get one. Sounds yummy.

And I am developing an addiction to cinnamon Altoids.

You really need to try the Pumpkin Spice lattes, as they are superior to the Gingerbread ones.

I get chapped lips when I THINK about forgetting my chap stick... ugh. I keep it with me almost 24hrs a day, because I am obsessive like that haha.

I feel sorry for you because I, too, am crazy ... er, I mean spoiled.

I can totally relate - running out of Altoids is the worst. But running out of Altoids and ChapStick AND forgetting your wedding rings is just too much! I myself am adicted to Altoids and the Burt's Bees version of ChapStick. Ho

I feel sorry for you!
I don't do altoids, but if i run outta my little gum i get in a panic!
I have to have my carmel machiato every day, since there's a starbucks inside of my store, I can't go without or I have withdrawls.
And yes, I've turned around and come home to fetch my rings because I'd forgotten to get them on in the morning.
I am right there with ya hon!

I get very twitchy and panicky if I forget my rings. I did that a couple of weeks ago and it really did throw off my whole day. You were smart to go back home.

I don't like coffee, so I haven't had one of these gingerbread lattes, but everyone keeps raving about them. I might actually be getting curious enough to try one.

Gingerbread lattes usually make me feel better too, but today my "local" Starbucks (I live in Seattle so local means the one next door instead of across the street) ran out of gingerbread flavoring so I had to get a peppermint mocha (with extra sprinkles of course).

I feel sorry for you, but I feel more sorrierer for me :( ... We can't get Altoids here *sob* (I have a thing for their cinnamon gum) and we haven't one single friggin' Starbucks in all of Belgium! And I agree, the Pumpkin Spice Latte should NOT be missed!

Wow, I've been spending countless hours each week reading blogs, bookmarking those that frequently catch my interest (including this one).

But now I'm realizing what a waste of time it's been doing all that surfing. Right here is a discussion about Altoids, Pumpkin Spice Latte's and wedding rings ALL IN THE SAME BLOG.

Life is good! :)

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