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My over-inflated sense of my own importance

So I've gone and set up a notify list - it's that ugly thing over on the right because I can't get the background to be anything other than yellow. You see, I'm convinced that I am so fabulous and amazing and brilliant that you will all want to join my notify list so that you can be among the first to read the pearls of wisdom that I bestow upon the internet and therefore make yourselves into happier people and better human beings. Also, everyone else already has one and I am nothing if not covetous and grabby.

Ya'll are welcome to sign up if you want to, but I can't really say that I recommend it as I am likely to either forget to use it or else remember to use it on those days when I post eight different things and you will get so tired of the spam you will make me take you off the list and then hate me forever. I also might decide to send long and boring descriptions of my sex life to the list. I mean, I've already posted it on the internet so clearly I have no shame. So you know, consider yourself warned.

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i just obsessively check my blogroll to see when people update their sites. thank god nobody at the new job monitors web usage otherwise i'd be in serious trouble!

i too am an obsessive blogroll checker... between blogroll and bloglines i think i know about posts before you even post them! heck, i check sites even if they aren't marked as updated... you know, just in case.

oh, there's no yellow box for me (in firefox) it's all about the purpley goodness when i come here!

"I also might decide to send long and boring descriptions of my sex life to the list."

OK, that's good enough for me!

Actually those things are not a bad idea, especially for those of us who have long pauses in journalling sometimes. I tried to set one up for my site, but the darn thing never would work right... But that was probably me, not the list.. ":)

LOL. I used to have one of those on my old diary. But I was such a lazy butt I would never notify NotifyList that I've updated. All I can say is thank the holy molies for blogroll. It makes it much more easier for me to continue on my path of laziness.:)

I've got one on my site and I remember to use it ----- mostly.

I'd have to check, but doesn't MT have a built in notifier?

You must be important because I just signed up! LOL.

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