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No more politics! After this one last thing

From a banner I saw this morning:

Civil Marriage is a Civil Right

True that.

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From a billboard I passed this morning:

We love political jokes! So many of them were elected!!

I always thought you were awesome but your last two posts make me think you are awesomely awesome!

And your cats are cute!

I guess I need to post something new too. I've been trying all morning but Blogger is a bitch. There's my banner!


Me likey.

You just don't see things like that around here. I wonder why?

Right there with ya!

A friend of mine used to say that only right you really have, is the right to die fighting.

Can't we all just get along? :-)

I miss summer -- having it dark and gloomy in the morning -- and having all this craziness going on in the world - just sucks... I want to be like Callie -- just lay in the sun -- and dream of big mice...

Hey, my mom saw that same sign! Or at least, she lives around here and mentioned a sign that said the exact same thing to me.

Right on!

And, on a side note, now that the election is over, I think one thing everyone in this country should be able to agree on is some sort of election reform. We can put a man on the moon - we should certainly be capable of designing voting machines that actually work. Check out this article:

Yes indeedy.

I agree.

Live and Let Live. Period.

Wordy to big bird!

Oh my! I thought I was MUCH further right than what this test shows.

I show up as Mandela too! Who knew??!

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