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Nothing Friday

I've got nothing today, so here, look at the pretty flowers my boss sent me on Monday.

I am such a brown-noser.


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Your BOSS sent you flowers?


Happy Friday to you!

They're beautiful

Is that the same boss that hugged you? Uh oh.

No, really... who sent them? I hope you had to do some really obnoxious kissing up for those to really be from your boss.

Why, why, why???

Man, your boss gives you flowers? My boss wouldn't do that, well maybe dead ones but not nice ones like that!

Those are beautiful. Pink roses are my most favorite. Could you have your boss call my boss? All mine seems to be able to do is make sexually harassing comments. I'd take those one liners a little better if he bought me some pink roses.

Wait Just A Gosh Darn Minute....You Get Flowers. From. Your. Boss. Does That Make Sense At All? Oh Thats Right, The Boss That Hugged You! I Dont Know, I'd Watch Your Back If I Were You ;-)

I want your boss! Can I have your boss? You can have mine!

Your BOSS sent you FLOWERS???

The most I ever got was a box of misspelled business cards.

Yay for flowers!

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