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Smote! Or maybe smitten?

In the beginning was the fly.


The fly was scary and The People were sore afraid.


The People were also getting ready to go grab a smoke but the fly, it would not be denied. And so The People stopped to ponder, thinking "What shalt we do?"

"Aha," The People realized "we dost haveth a dishtowel. Perhaps we can menace yonder fly with said dishtowel."


The People prepared to do battle with the fly. They began by looking right


and left,




and low


for the fly.

Finally, The People located the fly! There was rejoicing and girding of loins for battle! And then there was running away as The People were still sore afraid.


But The People eventually became braver and returned to face the demon fly. They threatened!


They swiped!


They swatted!


The battle was long and bloody. The People despaired. The People hung their heads, and in fact their entire upper bodies in shame and despondency.


But finally, The People realized that they were being hampered by their leather jackets. The People removed their leather jackets and were then able to outwit the fly by cleverly climbing onto the countertops to gain greater reach with their dishtowel. (The People did this with their shoes on, which greatly angered The People's wife.) The People vanquished the fly! The People won their glorious reward! There was rejoicing and revelry!


The People went forth and multiplied. No, wait, that isn't quite right. The People went forth and smoked their cigarette in the knowledge and love of their mad fly-whopping skillz.

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Comments (30)

Yay for the people!

(so I guess you got that thingamagier on your phone to work..he)

The people going forth to multiply would actually work for you right about now, would it not? ;) Also, I quite liked "this made The People's wife mad".

Pesky little bugger!!!! Glad THE PEOPLE where able to take care of it.

Do you think that your people might be able to offer a vigorous training course for my people?
You see, my people are lazy and never victorious......

Would The People mind coming to my house, for there is a fly that no one has been able to kill for three days. And it is driving us out of our minds.

The People are most impressive in their bug hunting abilities.

Not to scare The People or the wife but how dids't the fly enter the domicile? It's time, me thinks, for stronger barricades. A moat might be called. It won't help with the flies, but it would be very super cool.

YAY! Go The People Go!!

Your people are definitely persistent!

Before I could get here of my own volition, The People sent me, and he is right, that WAS funny! I can only imagine watching it live. Beware of the fly!

And THEN the people went forth and practiced multiplying right? Only seems fair for all the effort that the people went through even WITH the shoes on the kitchen counter!

(The People did this with their shoes on, which greatly angered The People's wife.)

You crack me up.

I love that you record your husband's battles with insects on your camera phone.

your poor children ;)

And lo, then did the People's readers rejoice, and ask: did the People clean their shoe prints off yon countertops?

y'know what did it? the fact that he changed dishtowels. the fly didn't know what hit 'im. ;) this is the funniest post i've ever, ever read. and i've read some funny posts ;)

LMFAO - Go "the people", Go "the people"! (incase you can't see through your computer to mine, I'm doing the pot stirring dance for "the people".

Bwahahahaha! You two are a hoot. We (royal we) feel that The People should receive knighthood for valor and trick hunting.

a little insane?

why yes.

The People need a dog. Our Sheltie likes to chase flies. She occasionally gets them. (She has 0% success with cats and birds, however.)

Oh my gosh! How funny is this! Over a fly? The People should have at least put down the cig and taken off their shoes before climing on the counter so as not to anger the wife.

What do The People do when there is an actual bee in the vicinity?

Now the whole office has to come investigate why I'm laughing. Mad fly whopping skillz indeed!

Ahh fun at the 'ol Cactus Ranch..... gotta love it...

a v. similar event took place at my house not that long ago. and the dog got really into the hunting of the fly. but alas, it was just before bed and the hunter was not wanting to be photographed in his "jammies".
thanks for the giggles!

Hi! Came from Chris' blog...

Very funny post!! The pics really make the story come alive... ;-)

The Internet gets weirder and weirder. :>)

I haven't laughed this hard that tears came down in sooo long!!!! Kudos to the PEOPLE!!

I like the part where the People's Wife is mad at the shoes on the counter, because that was my first thought. "just the jacket? Remove the shoes!"

I thought the people had stopped smoking?

Lost the cig and jacket but left the shoes? I guess I can't say anything about that because I'd probably do the same.

I hope you're around when The People has to take on a spider-- that would be a very interesting recap!

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