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I went out at lunch today to have a couple of links taken out my new watch (part of the birthday bling haul). The woman who removed the links gave them back to me is a little plastic bag and said "Be sure to hold on to these, you may have to put them back in."

Clearly she was hinting that I am going to get fat and need a bigger watch, and what I want to know is: who told her about the cookies?

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Me. I was mad because you didn't share the cookies with me.

well you know in the event that you do get knocked up you might swell just a bit.....perhaps she was refering to your impending knocked up state and not the cookies :)

It wasn't me. I promise.

I had that happen once, and threw away the links. Later, I would have liked to give the watch to a chubby friend of mine.
Foiled! Maybe she thought that's what you'd like to do some day.

It was me you skinny bitc... Oh! did I say that out loud?!! I hope you REALLY over-eat tomorrow!!

Uh -- what cookies? I didn't know about the cookies .. why didn't I get any??? Huh?

Hey -- you should just swap out the band -- get one of those elastic Minnie Mouse bands -- it'll go well with the rest of your bling!

I didn't tell her! Thanks for the laugh! Happy Thanksgiving!

LOL. I was thinking along the same line as Cassie, pregnancy will make you swell. :) During mine I looked like Violet Beaureguard from Charlie & The Chocolate Factory when she ate that purple thing. I was definitely as huge, but not purple. lol But then again I'm sure it was cause I was drinking Slurpees everyday.

Well all I can say is you're lucky because my cookie deposits go straight to my thighs...not wrist.

I've learnt my lesson. I'm sorry, I will never tattle a woman who removes links from watches again...

Think of impending pregnancy. I think you'll be great at being knocked up.

Perhaps she was an unemployed wrist specialist and what she actually saw when looking at your wrist was a certain propensity for developing, what we in the medical game call, "big wrists". Now this is nothing to do with overall obesity but is, if you like, a kind of localised engrossment specific to certain parts of the body. Generally speaking this will be either your "ass", your "thighs" or your "boobies", etc (hence the well used phrase "HEY FAT ASS/THIGHS/BOOBIES/ETC"... delete as applicable), however the "big wrist syndrome" affects probably around 7 people (all women) in the US at any one time and seems to randomly inflict some of those who insist on having links removed from their birthday watch straps.

I'm just sayin'...

I didn't breathe a word of the cookies, but she does have a point and it has nothing to do with calories and sugars...
You'll need those links when you're preggers with the lil' one, trust me. You'll be glad you have em!

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