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There isn't a bad word bad enough for this one

I just looked over at the clock on my phone and saw that it was almost five o'clock! Except that no, it isn't. I haven't reset the clock for daylight savings time.

I need to learn a new curse word.

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Oh. That's unpleasant.
I'm sorry.

Ouch. Well, it's not really a curse word, but this came out of my mouth yesterday... Hippity Dippity. go figure.

My current favorite: Fuckety-do-dah-day. More Eeyore than Eminem, but it gets the job done.


Aww. =( That happened to me in class a couple of days ago. It was horrible. I love the sticker on your forehead, by the way. Very attractive! =P

I think you should punish the offending clock by, um, doing something horrible to it. Because it is clearly the clock's fault.

god, that sucks.
that's almost as bad as being at work for two hours, except when you look, you've actually only been there 15 minutes. :(

When I can't think of a curse word bad enough to express how I feel....there is only one world I use...repeatedly...


That leaves room for someone to fill in the helps to make you feel better too....

I'm as uncreative as the next gal, but, the good ol' hasn't failed me yet 'fuck' works everytime as far as I'm concerned!

fucktard is my new favorite cuss word.

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