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This is sad

The best part of my day today was coming home and changing into my fat pants. Seriously. I think it's time for somebody to step away from the Thanksgiving leftovers.

Now, who wants some apple pie?

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I feel ya. I put on jeans that fit me mere days ago and... changed into my baggy black pants. MUST go to gym tonight. MUST. IGNORE. LEFTOVER PIZZA. MUST. lol

only if there's no turkey for turkey sandwiches left!

I'm pants still fit. But it's only a matter of time before they don't. ::sigh:: Of course my regular pants aren't exactly "skinny" pants to begin with.

My pants are a bit snug after this weekend -- it's a good thing I get to wear scrubs to school!

I love turkey sandwiches, but I also tend to get turkey breast from the deli all the time, so it never really seems like an exclusively thanksgiving thing.

i went out friday and bought new pants. i had been planning on it for a while, but the bulging waistline was all the motivation i needed.

not sure what i'm going to do when i can't eat open-faced turkey, stuffing and cranberry sandwiches for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

I have NOT moved out of my fat pants in one whole week.

Try black fat pants... I'm all into optical illusions!

.... and yes please, I'll help you with the apple pie.

I threw out the fat pants so I'd better not need them again! Uh, 4 inches wider than the regulars.

I so know what you mean.

As long as it's a la mode

The good thing about our leftovers is that they're at my parent's house. The bad news? Yeah, my parents live about 3 miles away. Perfect eat-and-run location!

(But I don't actually run there-- what am I? Crazy?)

I do!! And if it makes you feel better, ALL of my pants are fat pants.

hahahahhaha HA! But hell, that's the favorite part of my day EVERY day! That and taking my bra off . . .

I passed out nearly all of my left overs to all the takers and still have way too much.
I literally have to pry myself from the food, for, the fat pants are now tight.
I hate that.

I've managed to stay away from our Thanksgiving leftovers, but have managed to eat tons of other fattening and bloat inducing foods over the weekend. I have no will power this time of the year. I'm pretty sure it's cause of the cold and some primitive need to pack on the poundage just in case I'm stranded out on the cold tundra somewhere. lol

My mother gave me her leftovers. I have dutifully put them in the freezer where hopefully they can be ignored.

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