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Trite, but true

Decisions are made by the ones that show up.

Show up.

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Amen sister.

Right there with you.

I'm gonna show up!!

(or by the ones who mail their vote in two weeks in advance!)

I showed up.

I voted.

And then I rewarded myself with a grande hot chocolate at Starbucks. (I did not, however, actually see the Starbucks man add the crack that no doubt makes their hot chocolate so addictive. Maybe next time I'll catch him.)

Whatever it takes, right?

I showed up and voted! I was the youngest one there! LOL I felt kinda weird and cheesy, until I walked out. Yay voting! :)

(Also - yay to Erin on the Starbucks hot chocolate. Too bad I actually have to go OUT OF MY WAY to get to Starbucks.)

I voted -- first time since '96 --- didn't want to miss this one -- not after the last time -- It felt good -- I felt emotional -- It's good to be an American...

I am wearing my sticker with such pride, one would think I birthed it myself.

I Did!

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