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Wait, I totally forgot!

I totally forgot the Very Excellent Idea I had today. Well, it was a very excellent idea that Mindy had, but I am going to take it and make it my own and become the world's leading expert in it. Are you ready?

You can put stickers! on babies!

*Runs out to buy stickers.*
*Realizes she is not, in fact, pregnant.*
*Runs out to buy stickers anyway - best to be prepared.*

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I want ROUND ones. On the FOREHEAD. Unnerstand?

hmmm I put a sticker on my (not so much of a) baby just today!

Beth, I put ten stickers on my baby for you, also you could look through magazine (as though shopping for baby of your choosing)and put stickers on those babies in preparation, then when you get yours you will know how to stick the stickers. (my baby ate one of the said stickers)

Stickers, huh? Where can I get said stickers? I would like to get some duct tape - I could put that across my husband's mouth. Oooh, did I say that out loud in Internet world?!?!

Oh! Did you see my (not so baby) putting stickers on herself?

Hey! Your links aren't so obvious... that's a link in my last comment!

I am confused about the whole baby/sticker issue here. Since I am with baby and said baby will be living outside of my being in a few months (or FOREVER from now) I'd like to get in on the baby/sticker fun.

Not only that, but when the baby gets old enough, it can put stickers on you. Like Goose did to me, sneakily. Which is how I wound up going to work with a sticker on my ass.

I didn't have stickers so I used Post-Its on my baby with fun little notes like "I love my mommy." In turn I got Post-It'ed with "My mom is a dork." It turns out there is a place on my back that is really hard to reach.

Next time I'll find a baby that is too little to retaliate.

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