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Well slap my ass and call me Edna

I got my hand slapped at dinner for not posting today, so consider me duly chastised. Today was just not a good posting day. There were meetings! And intrigue! And drama! And pirates! Ok, there were just meetings, but they lasted from 8:30 to 5:30 so that's my excuse. There was a pirate earlier this week, but it turned out to just be a blister on Chris's hand from raking. We named it. No drama or intrigue though, I lied about that. Sometimes I think what I really need is more drama and intrigue. Or maybe just fewer meetings.

I have this really great photo essay to post of pictures I took with my new camera phone of Chris protecting me from a brazen and dangerous intruder. With a dishtowel. And then standing on the counter. This is good stuff, people, except that I can't seem to get the pictures off my new camera phone. It anybody wants to come over I'll be happy to show you, but otherwise you will just have to wait until I figure it out.

In the absence of anything to write about, I present a snippet of conversation from dinner tonight:

Him: I confused myself a little bit there.
Me: How so?
Him: I lost track of what I was doing with my tongue.

Nope, sorry, no explanation for the title of this post other than it amused me briefly.

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"Him: I lost track of what I was doing with my tongue."

How do you live with him full time? I would be laughing too much every day to get anything productive done!

Coffee involuntarily shot through ones nose isn't normally a pleasant experience...but for this? Totally worth it! lmao!

woah. good thing i'm not within slapping distance...sometimes i go days without posting! ouch. :D

Damn you always giving us small snippets of things, we need the story woman!

I was thinking to myself earlier-- where the hell is Edna today? And here you are! Yay!

My guess is the intruder was something as menacing as a spider, but the tongue thing has me stumped. And amused.

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