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Why it matters

I wasn't going to do this, because I would much rather blog about my hair and my big ass than about politics, but I read one too many posts today about why the results of the election don't really matter that much and frankly, it pissed me off. So here, in no particular order, are some of the reasons it matters a great deal to me.

I believe in the separation of church and state. I am a Jewish/Episcopalian/Atheist and that is nobody's damn business except my own. I believe that people, and especially children, should be allowed to follow their own hearts and to build their beliefs within their hearts and their families and should not be forced to adhere or pander to religious fundamentalists.

I believe in the Judeo-Christian ethic and moral framework and I believe that we should live it. I believe we should give all we can unto the least of us, that we should love our neighbors, that we should care for the poor and the sick and the disadvantaged. I believe the rich have a moral obligation to assist the poor, both within our own country and in the world.

I believe in protecting the environment for the benefit of our children and our grandchildren and all the generations to come. I believe we need a sensible, responsible, and public energy policy that works toward sustainability and the preservation of the planet.

I believe that while maintaining our sovereignty and self-determination, we should work with other democratic and peaceful nations around the world to make this world a better place. I believe we have a unique ability to support multi-national organizations as they work for universal peace and prosperity and that we should do all we can do to support those organizations. I believe that we need to walk the talk. I believe we need should sign Kyoto and ban land mines. I believe we need to use the bully pulpit to affect positive change.

I believe in gun control. I actually believe that we should repeal the Second Amendment, but I am willing to settle for a reasonable gun control policy that takes ludicrous weapons off of our streets and out of our homes.

I believe that consenting adults should be able to do whatever brings them bliss provided that they do not injure or exploit others to do it.

I believe that what people read is their own fucking business.

I believe that medical decisions of any kind are the sole and private concern of a patient and a doctor.

I believe in teaching adolescents how to avoid pregnancy and potentially fatal diseases if they are unwilling to abstain from sex. I believe in teaching that abortion is not an appropriate form of birth control. I believe that no woman should be forced against her will to risk her health or future on a pregnancy.

I believe that the death penalty is arbitrarily and capriciously applied and that as long as that is the case it should be banned.

I believe that John Kerry was not the best we had to offer, but I know that he would have faithfully executed the office of the President of the United States in a way that was more in keeping with my beliefs and convictions, in a way that I felt was morally and socially right and responsible.

I believe that we are each entitled to hold our own opinions and speak our minds. These are my opinions.

I believe it matters.

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Comments (30)

I believe you are one smart cookie.

(mmmmm cookies)

It matters, Beth, to those of us who have been alienated for four years for having the same beliefs.

But, I'll tell you one good thing that happened this election: My uncle was going to vote for Bush and yesterday he voted for Kerry because of something I said. My eyes teared up a little soon after he told me that, because this election had become such a personal thing for me. So, this morning, when they were calling it for Bush, he said, "It didn't matter after all." At the time, I just nodded sadly. But, it DID matter. It mattered to me. Getting his vote felt like getting an early Christmas present. I just wish I had convinced a few million other people along with him.

It does matter. And I feel very lucky to have someone like you as my friend. I hope you never change.

It matters a great deal. I've been so disheartened all day. I cannot believe America has done this. WHY? It makes no sense to me, makes no sense to any of the intelligent, caring, thoughful people I've talked to/read today.


Yes it matters. More than most are willing to subject themselves to.
I believe in the very things that you do . I also belive that if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, well, it must be right?

The Presidency is ludacris. I am sure I spelled it wrong, but I am angry.

Well now I feel badly about my comments on your earlier post, as well as on Chris's blog.

It mattered to me who won the election too. I thought Kerry was our best chance, I really did.

I think there is a big mess in Washington, and I'm hoping somebody cleans it up before its too messy to do anything about it. Bush is not the man to do that. He did so much damage in 4 years, that we don't even feel it anymore. 4 years from now, we won't even think twice about secret searches of our homes, prisoners held without trial or counsel, and having our recent library book lists sent to the FBI.

I had hoped Kerry could fix all that. Give the citizens of this country their privacy and dignity back. He's a politician too though, and they are different from you and I. Power attracts the corruptable. Influences from circles of people you couldn't even know about, are more important to them than anything you could dream of happening in your own life.

This is something we have always had. You take the bad with the good and hope that it balances out favorably in the end. If a president can clean it up a bit, then we are that much ahead.

We could do worse than Bush. But we could also do far, far better. I think we may have lost a good president yesterday. And I'm very certain we don't have a good one now.

Oh yeah it matters. If it didn't people wouldn't be riding such emotional highs and lows. For most of the day I was so upset I was literally sick to my stomach. The disappointment is terrible and I'm tired from being on edge for the past 24 hours.

Sad as I am about Bush winning, I'm glad it's all over. I need sleep.

Thank you for the entry.

It DOES matter. I hate ignorant people. Grr.

It matters to me. I think the long term solution is for you liberals to have more children. I know you're working on this and I'd like to thank you for that!

I hate to step into this but it wasn't clear in your statement. When you said that medical decisions are the sole and private concern of doctor and patient it made me wonder about how you feel on the subject of underage (I.E. under 18 and living with parents) abortions without the parents ever being told.
That whole thing to me was a little disturbing. If my 15 year old daughter has the right to get an abortion without me knowing about it, thats not right. Until that child is either 18 or on their own I think a parent has the right to know what is going on in their childs life.
This is going to get too long so I will leave it at this!

Uh oh- don't go and read my blog this morning. You'll likely be mad at me :(

I am liberal by nature, but I found myself ambivalent to casting my vote for John Kerry (who I did vote for). Really, what does the guy stand for? Where's the conviction? I guess I want to be inspired by leaders, and I mean TRULY inspired, to the point where I get out there and volunteer on a campaign because I believe so passionately in the ideals and beliefs of the candidate I'm backing. I just didn't feel that way about Kerry, and I don't think it's wrong of me to feel I deserved better.

Granted, Bush isn't a better alternative, but I don't believe he's the evil person so many people make him out to be, and I don't think the world is going to fall apart because of four more years of a Bush administration (as long as Rumsfeld isn't part of the 2nd term administration). And I don't believe that with how far we've come, things such as Roe vs. Wade will ever be reversed. The American people won't allow it and we'll hold our public officials accountable. That's the beauty of having a voice and being able to protest what you feel is wrong. That's the beauty of having another four years to be able to change the system.

I guess that's my take on it, right or wrong :)

It matters. For all of the reasons you stated - and more.

Many of the polls were reporting that a majority of the people who voted for Bush listed morality as their first concern. I'm a liberal and I have morals. When did those two things become mutually exclusive? And why are so many people fooled into believing that politicians really act based on some sort of moral code? If that were true there would be a lot less suffering in this country - and around the world.

I believe you are right. About all of this. It does matter, and John Kerry, while not perfect, would have made a difference. I'm feeling very dispirited about the direction this country is headed in now.

I agree with some of that and I disagree with some of that. This doesn't make me (or you) a bad person. Just different. I'm personally glad that George Bush won. I voted for him with confidence because I feel safer in his hands. This doesn't make me (or you) a bad person. Just different. Our system didn't fail, but more than half of the country disagreed with you. That's not failure, it's just difference of opinion. It sounds to me that you only think people are entitled to your opinion, not their own. And if they disagree, they're ignorant communists, right? not cool.

Totally wrong, Nick. These opinions are mine, your opinions are yours, and I respect your opinions even if I do not agree with them. I have never said that the results of the election are any kind of failure, only that I think they are significant and that they disappoint me.

BTW - if I did want to stereotype people who disagree with me, I would call them fascists. I'm the communist here.

Putting words in my mouth? not cool.

Well said, Beth.

Beth for President in '08.

You really hit it home for me. The ideals, convictions, and morals you hold are so in line with what I think many Americans are looking for in a society and in a president.

Kerry for me wasn't really the answer to Bush, he was just the unBush. And that was good enough for me.

I commend you for putting words to what you believe in and standing by them. Convictions are a good thing.

Beth - I want you to know that this is the best political entry I've read in the last few months. You spoke loud, and you spoke true. You've take my political beliefs and phrased them for me in such a way that I am copying this and saving it for all eternity as my political manifest. I'll give you all the credit b/c I such at political speeches. But thank you. For Real. I've been amazed by you and your humor and your journey ever since the day I found your blog. But today? You became my spokeperson. You dont mind, do you? hehe.

Thanks. And a super-duper, big fat "Amen".

Very well written. I believe and will continue to believe in the greater good. I too am of mixed religious upbringing and came upon my faith of my own volition. See us liberals use our minds, not just our religions. Great post,

From a Jewish/Quaker/Faithful person

If my 15 year old daughter has the right to get an abortion without me knowing about it, thats not right. Until that child is either 18 or on their own I think a parent has the right to know what is going on in their childs life.

It is that parent's responsibility to know what is going on. If one is so out of touch with their child that they can be having sex, get pregnant, terminate the pregnancy, and recover without the parent finding out, then that parent doesn't deserve the title.

I think perhaps some people take the "It takes a village" a little far. It isn't the medical profession's, the education system's or society's responsibility to raise one's child.

If you* want to know what is going on in your daughter's life, you should start by talking to your daughter, not wait for a call from her doctor.

While the thought of a 15 year old being pregnant, much less getting an abortion, alone without the support, love, understanding of parent, literally makes my stomach turn. Being a realist, I really don't see a valid alternative.

*not you personally, you as in "a parent"

Thanks for this post. I share much of the same views as you do and have never quite been able to put them into words. I share in the belief that we all feel somewhat differently about all things and that is what makes us human. It is what makes us the individuals that we are. I love the whole "blog" concept because you are free to speak what you believe (WITHOUT apology). People are welcome to post their opinions as well, but we are all what we are and it matters not what others might think of it. I have been saddened and disappointed by the turn out of this election for numerous reasons and I will always feel very strongly that things could have been different, better. that's how I feel and I ask noone to share my belief. It is mine.Thank you for sharing yours. Makes you even more make-outable!

Too tired to say anything, but yes, I agree, nice post.

Thank you Beth... you spoke from my own mind.

Very well said. I have to say I agree with you on everything even though there is no way on earth that I would have been able to put it like you. I will say, that a few things struck me as odd...the guy above who feels that you saying this on your blog means you think everyone else is did he get that from? He's obvious feeling a bit overwhelmed with his decision to ruin this country for another 4 years :)

And as far as the abortions for girls under 18...the person who talked about KNOWING Your kids is right a person who works with young kids, the ones that are having these troubles have parents that aren't involved in their lives at all...or are too busy trying to be "cool" parents. I will also say that Jon probably doesn't realize that there ARE parents out there that would BEAT their daughters if they found out they were pregnant...or would kick them out etc....that is why abortions for minors should be allowed without parental consent.

Ok...that wasn't meant to be a rant...and I probably just opened up the door for an attack...but yeah...its early, I'm preparing for a party my house isn't nearly clean enough for and um...yeah. :)

Oh..and I still want to make out with you Beth.

Thanks Amy, I was about to say the same thing. A lot of the girls that are making the decision for an abortion CAN'T go to their parents. Wouldn't it be nice if they could.

And Beth, thank you for putting my beliefs out there so eloquently. I may have to copy (& credit) your post too. You go girl!

that was great. and i rarely meet anyone who agrees that the 2nd amendment should be tossed, so yay you :)

one more thing on the underage abortion thing -- in a perfect world every girl that gets pregnant could feel comfortable telling her parents and working it out with them. Heck, in a perfect world there would be NO abortion at all. But this is not the world we live in, and many girls would face serious -- and unfair -- consequences if they had to get permission from their parents.

Beth- if I were as smart and eloquent as you I would have written this post.

Amen to that, Beth.

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