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Alive, barely

I'm so busy this week I don't even have time to bitch about being busy, and I can always find the time to bitch. However, I am off work tomorrow and Monday so will dedicate the weekend to bitching and moaning and whining as per usual. At least, I will dedicate those portions of the weekend which are not dedicated to spoiling my husband on the occasion of his birthday on Sunday.

I love letting the cat out of the bag.

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bitching and moaning is a legitimate pass time as far as I'm concerned so bitch away :-) Oh and are you gonna bake hubby a cake??

so, the cactus is a sag... heh.

make sure you take good notes today, so that you can fill us in with some good bitchin' tomorrow!

Yeah for bitching! :D

oooo..thanks for letting us know (about mr.sothefishsaid that is)

Oh, thank God. For a while there I was concerned that you'd run off with Clive Owen. Which would be fine, but hello? you would write about that shit, yo.

I want to know what's been planned! Spill all beans!

I wish you and the RC much fun (and flexibility) over the weekend. Make sure you remember to stretch!

Your birthdays are close together. Are you the same sign?

so what does spoiling you husband entail? and is it PG rated so we can read about it?

(get unbusy soon...I miss you)

You ought to buy him some bling! On second thought, no. Bling on men is almost silly.

god, don't the people at work know you have more important things to do, like bitch to the Internet? :( tell the evil people to leave you alone. :( we miss you :( hehe

I always wonder where expressions like "let the cat out of the bag" come from. Also, thanks for letting us know about Chris' bday. And we're all looking forward to more whining in the future, because really? So entertaining!

Can't wait for the bitchin' weekend! Oh and happy birthday to Mr.So-the-fish-said :)

Will there be bling?

You know, I was starting to worry a little bit since the bitching and moaning had almost died out completely. I thought that maybe turning 30 had mellowed you out. I am so glad that is not the case!

Bitching is good. Birthdays are too. Unless the bitching is about the birthday.

Margaritas, bitching, chocolate cake, more bitching, a good jukebox, a little half-dance as you head back from the bar with another round, a competant baby-sitter, another Margarita, more bitching....

That was the recipe of one of my favorite birthdays. ;)

Have a wonderful weekend!!!!

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