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Call me Donna

I have an amazing talent for holding grudges. Here are just a few of the things I am still mad about:

When I was 7 or 8, a friend and I planned a show for my mom and one of our neighbors. There was singing and dancing. It was highly entertaining and the production values were terribly impressive for two 7 year old girls. My mom and the neighbor spent the whole show talking, with my mom contributing fascinating tidbits such as what a disaster it was when I tried to play the violin. Twenty some years later, I have yet to forgive her.

When I was in junior high, I spent a couple of weeks one summer taking a class called Shake Hands with Shakespeare. We met for several hours every day for two or three weeks and in the end put on an edited version of "The Taming of the Shrew" to the delight and adulation of our parents. For the auditions, we all sat around and read through the script and everyone got to read different parts at different times. Except me. I read one line during auditions, "I have my books, father" and then was not allowed to read again. Clearly this is the reason I got a crappy made-up part as a street urchin. Still feel cheated.

In high school, my best friend and I were both in a school play, and my best friend bought our Drama teacher (who had directed the play) a ring as a thank-you gift. She made me give her money for the ring, but she only signed her own name on the card. Nope, still haven't let it go.

I just realized there are all about performing in some way. You can call me Donna. As in prima.

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I am a marvelous grudge holder - although none of mine have to deal with dramatic productions. Unless you count my own histrionics as being dramatic. But I digress. I hold grudges (that about half of the time were over some really insignificant slight) for ages. I have been told that this is not a healthy characteristic, but see if I care.

Remind me never to really get on your bad side...:)

I'm still angry at a girl from high school. I understand completely.

When I was in 5th grade, I whispered something to Suzanne P------, who was sitting in front of me. She turned around and said, "I don't like you". I was absolutely destroyed, and to this day remember it, and her name.

At least I don't care anymore.

I'm amazing at holding grudges, too. Like my crappy coworkers not covering my shift when I was in JURY DUTY! or all the times my friends said we'd hang out, then never show up. don't even bother calling. or that one time Joe yelled at me when he was stressed. or.. well, yeah, this isn't about me. hehe I never forget anything like that, because I'm pretty nice to people, and I just expect to be treated in the same fashion, which seems to be too much to ask for sometimes. :/

All I can say is that Chris is in very big trouble down the line. ;)

Donna? Is that you?

I would hold a grudge, but quite frankly I never remember why I'm mad LOL!

if I were you, I would've sent that high school friend a blank christmas card every year since. So for the next oh so many years, she'd always receive this blank card and have no idea who sent it. And it will bother her. FOREVER!

I still have never forgiven my best friend in sixth grade for dumping me to hang out with the popular girls. They didn't want me, just her, and suddenly she was my enemy.....

Our past shapes the people we are hold the grudges, it's character building.

I agree with Aussie Mama - And damn I must have a whole heap of character being an excellent grudge holder myself.

Ah yes Beth, sorry Donna .... The good old grudge,you gotta love 'em!!

To simplify things, maybe your grudge should be with the theater?

(After I read the title, I kept thinking 'Donna Martin graduates!' Can you imagine the grudge held if she hadn't been able to walk with all the rest of the 9-0 gang?)

i'll take this time to share a couple of my long-time grudges:

a boy in grade 6 thought it was hilarious to call me Godzilla. because it sort of rhymes with my name. i was really shy and insecure when i was young. this completely humiliated me. on a related note, i ran into this guy recently at a club. he's a nice guy now, but i refuse to forgive and forget about this one.

a good friend of mine in high school regifted a gift i gave her. to her best friend, who brought it into class and was thrilled with the gift. grrr.

you're most certainly a scorpio.

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