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People! I am in crisis! Now, I know that I tend to exaggerate and make a big deal out of nothing, but this time? This time it is really serious. I just don't know what to do. I'm at a total loss and I am worried that I may never recover from this.

You see..

(My gawd, I can't believe I am even saying this! I never thought it would come to this!)

Ok. Here it is. Nobody. And I mean nobody. Not my mother. Not my husband. Not a single, solitary soul. Gave me a page-a-day cat calendar for 2005.



Someone ALWAYS gives me a page-a-day cat calendar, but not this year. This year I guess I was deemed not worthy of having the page-a-day cat calendar. This year, nobody loved me enough to do this small thing for me. I really don't know what to do about this. I mean, it's not like I can just go out and BUY one myself. I suppose my only choice is to hide under a rock for all of 2005.

This is awful, people. Just awful.


On a more serious note, there are lots of people with real problems, and this week there are lots more of them due to the terrible earthquake and tsumanis in South Asia. If you have it to spare, they could sure use some money.

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i too am feeling the end of the year crush! this is my first christmas in 10 years w/o a page-a-day zodiac calendar!

just take deep breaths and take comfort knowing that on january 1st, all calendars will be 50% off and you can buy yourself two!

How could they forget your day by day calendar? And really, the only comfort I can give you is that yes, they WILL be on sale for 50% off in the next few days. Small comfort, indeed!

Hee hee. Just think how bad it was when I couldn't get my Far Side Page a Day calendars when he stopped MAKING them.

TOO funny about the calendar -- when you started to say you had a crisis, I braced myself to read something so sad. I mean, don't get me wrong -- I understand the tragedy of this crisis to you... but still ;-)


I figured I'd ALSO come say hello to all of you, too! (Thanks for playing along)

I love you dearly...but an office depot cannot be that far a way....take a few deep breaths and go get one...I would send you one but I fear that it wouldn't get there in time

OMG..too funny. My sister-in-law gets that each year and started to turn white when she didn't see it coming. They gave it to her at the end. I asked for the Yankee Golden Retriever Rescue wall calendar. I made it explicitly clear that I didn't want some cutesy patootsie puppy calendar, but I wanted THIS one as it is a non profit and the money goes to the to speak. I got a cutesy patootsie one from Petco as he says YGRR ran out...I may not survive, but this calendar does have a charitible organization that gets the I suppose I can breathe a bit.

send mr. sothefishsaid to get you one. and make him wrap it, so you can pretend it's a new year's present. :D

*sigh* I dont have one either. Of course - I NEVER get one because when I do - I tear off all the pages before January is over - just to see what they all say.

Hi Beth! I'm here from principessa's.

And I feel your pain. I used to get those all every year when I had a job...with an office. :(

I even used to go so far as to enter my cat's pictures for publication, how sad is that?

Enjoyed your post, I'll be reading some more!

I'm still in mourning over the loss of Far Side Page-A-Days. But this year the pain is eased a little being I have both a weekly planner & monthly calendar....both Far Side of course!

Doctor 12cc's of kitten cuteness stat!

Oh my God, no one gave me one either! Panic mode! But at least this means that my page-a-day calendar will be the perfect one for me because I get to pick it out.

I SO relate. Each year since 2001 I have bought a spiral-bound notepad with approximately 70 pages and I rule up each double-page spread so I have a week-to-a-view datebook where Saturday and Sunday get equal space as Monday-Friday. Believe me, I have looked and looked and looked but nobody sells such a thing pre-printed.

In my datebook I record my online times (mainly so I don't blow session or download limits), the daily weather, and a brief notation if I did something out-of-the-ordinary.

Now, this notebook must be spiral-bound so I can fold it in half and slip it under the corner of the monitor, on the corner of my desk. That's where it lives, dammit. This notebook must also have 9mm ruled lines, preferably hairline tan or sky blue, so I can keep stuff in some kind of order (I can't write a straight line on blank paper). The paper must also be of a certain quality because I use a variety of pens in my datebook (gel, liquid ink, ballpoint, cartridge pen) because I colour-code things, and if the paper is crappy it will bleed through and fuck up the other pages.

Now, this year, could I find a suitable notebook anywhere??? NO. I went to all the major stationers, several large newsagents, the stationery department of several major department stores... nothing. Nobody has what I want. Nobody.

So now I'm on the last page of my 2004 notebook and I have three options - use a shitty student diary (crappy paper), use an unlined spiral notebook (*has nightmares*), or use a Tushita preprinted week-to-a-page datebook that doesn't have nearly enough room for everything. Or, I guess, I could use the latter for weather and 'events', and one of the others for the online log.

Gawd, I don't know. :(

Give me your addy, I'll send you a page a day cat calender....NO one should do without!!!

I have two cats. I could take a cute pic of them each day and send it to you for next year. ;-)

Oh My GAWD! Has someone offered to send you one yet? Because if not, I suppose I could sacrifice mine....

But only if you REALLY REALLY need it. It's REALLY seriously kewt, ya know.

Here's what you need to do. Get some hose. Large diameter is best, but garden hose will do. Get some duct tape and some CD's or your iPod. Insert the hose into your car's tailpipe and then tape the opening around the hose at the tailpipe. Stick the other end of the hose in the car window and hold it in place by closing the window on it.

Crank that baby up and listen to some jams - yer all set. I'd suggest Pink Floyd's Uma Gumma if you have it.

Beth, I can understand your crisis. Mine is far worse. I get the Sandra Boynton Mom's calendar every year. A column for each kid & myself. Room for all of the boys activities. I DID NOT GET ONE THIS YEAR! (maybe there is a boycott on calendars I was not told about) In a mere 2 days I will not have the kids schedule to refer to. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO? Life is about to cease to exist as we know it. HELLPP!

OMG I know exactly what you mean I am so lost without those things

Hey - I didn't get one either. I guess I'll just go and buy one. That'll be a first.

Happy New Year

i am in pain for you!

people can let you down, i know this. this is the third year in a row i asked for a gift card and have not gotten one. bastards.

I think you need to have a strong word with your husband

There once was a man from Nantucket,
He tried to drink from a Bucket,
He drank till he stank,
and then walked the plank,
Well!!! I guess he thought F--- it

No Cats here.

What were they thinking? That is unforgivable!!

You should tell them straight away how hurt you are, and how confused you are with what day of the week it is.

I feel your pain, I truly do! I didn't get my coveted hunk-a-day calander this year for 2005! What is a girl to do! Hiding under a rock for all of 2005 sounds like a great idea! Excuse me while I try to locate a boulder big enough to hide my whole self, including my larger than life ass.....

and ya, have a great new year!

I feel your pain. I ran out to get a new daily calendar and was faced with a choice of "Jackasses and the funny things they say" or Nick and Jessica. I opted for the jackasses.

Oh my Gawd! I just realized! I don't have one either! Rush off to the store tomorrow! *hand across forehead pouting*

Enough about your cat calendar! You made it as a finalist for the BoB awards! Yay & congrats! :)

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