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Deck the Halls

I'm trying to catch up from my four day weekend today, however I have another four day weekend coming up. Therefore, we can think of my motivation as a calculus problem. It's like a limit, in that it approaches zero, requiring me to sit and stare mindlessly at my laptop, but never reaches zero which would require me to go home and go back to bad. At least, I think that's what it would be like if it were a limit. Calculus was a couple of years ago, but I did get an A. Yes, I am gloating, it was the only A I ever got in a math class in my entire life. I took Calculus for no reason in particular at the local community college. Um, wait. Did I have a point?

While I spend today catching up on boring work, I thought I would share a tender and heart-warming holiday moment from the Fish-Cactus household. We got our Christmas tree this weekend (bought the very first one we saw and it is perfect because we rock) but with the birthday and all did not get around to decorating said tree until last night. We probably would have waited anyway, because we have this holiday tradition. Every year, we get the tree and then get out all our ornaments - we still have the ornaments from our very first tree together and the ones we got the year we got married and some from my childhood and some from trips we have taken. So we pull out these ornaments that have so many memories and work together to hang them on our tree. While watching Fear Factor. Nothing to get you in the Christmas spirit like watching people get attacked by dogs. It's a tradition we plan to share with our children and hope that they will pass on to their children as well.

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YES!!! I am the first to post, neener neener neener....
Oh, yes, where was I *dizzy from dancing in circles singing actually*....
That sounds like a great tree trimming tradition! I hope you buy the Fear Factor disks so that your kids may fully take advantage of the tradition you've so painstakingly passed down!
We have a tradition too, my children's birthdays, well two of them, are in Decemeber. We all go out after Riley's b-day (19th) on the 20th and pick the tree together. I have all their decorations they've made, from when they were born, from when I was a kid, yadda yadda, and we do the same thing, only we watch Ruddolp and Frosty (the old one's that Burl Ive's narrates) while we decorate and reminisce with the decorations.....
I'll end my book now.. Thanks! :)

Very nice. Can you picture it? All smiles as the little ones hang ornaments on the tree and then scream hysterically as they watch the violence on the television. Hey, whatever happened to watching The Grinch? And did you know that thing is only like 20 minutes long without the commercials?

Holiday cheer and cockroach eating... It makes me so warm and fuzzy inside. :)

:) It's so great to have traditions you can share with your loved ones and kids!

Ah yes, the trimming of the tree, wherein X = eggnog + pine needles - (Bing Crosby + rabid dogs)

I can only say this....


Well - I have to tell you that Monday nights in general always revolve around Fear Factor in our house. And that started b/c LilZ LOVES that show with all his other words? Your tradition would work GREAT in our house.

And I was made that southern chic didnt win...just for the record.

We haven't even gotten our tree together yet. We've started moving things into the house. We've got a few lights up. But that is pretty much the extent of things.

Well I did manage to get my tree out, I use a fake as I hate the needle cleanup. Now if I could just be motivated to get the ornaments on it!

Hahaha! VERY romantic :)))

I SAW THAT ONE TOO! HORRIFYING! I would have totally chickened out. I need way more that 50k to motivate me!
lovely tradition. We do the same, except my hubby (of 11 years) rolls his eyes the entire time and says..."YES I REMEMBER ALRIGHT! Geesh"

I took a comparative religion class in college...why? I have NO idea, but I got an A in it!
This year Princess is so into decorating for the holidays, I have been informed at least once a day that "we need get tree". We are getting one this weekend, and yes we too will have holiday traditions, but not with fear factor as that show totally eeks me out!!!

When I was under 10 my dad would go up to the main road and get a tree from one of the old-fashioned grocers. It went in a bucket of sand in a corner of my room. I liked to lie with my head under it and sniff the piney odor. After that we had a fake silver tree that was prettier overall (quite nice undecorated, even), but the foil bits cut your hands when you were packing it up. :(
No actual traditions for the season at this point in my adult life, although I still have the decorations we used when I was a child.

My husband and I have never had a tree :-(
We often wrap xmas presents while watching Fear Factor though.

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