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Does this count against my 15 minutes?

Well, it finally happened. Last night, I saw someone I know on reality TV. This was not someone I met once 15 years ago, this was someone who lived 5 houses away from me and went to school with me for 8 years. The show was What Not to Wear (ok, so it's a makeover show, same difference) and it was funny in that I was reminded of the reasons that this person and I stopped being friends after a couple of years. See, she's still pretty bossy and demanding and controlling, and that just doesn't fly with me because I like to be the bossy, demanding, controlling person in a relationship. Anyway, we haven't spoken in at least 12 years, but I am still kind of mad that she didn't invite me to the big "reveal" party so that I could have been on reality TV too.

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She didn't invite you to her, "check me out, for I am hot now" party?

What a bitch.

Well, now you have to reveal which WNTW show it was. Yeah, I admit it, I am an addict of that show!

Yeah, me too, you gotta tell me who it is!

I LOVE that show! And? If I was on it? (which I totally could be b/c my fashion sense is DREADFUL) I'd invite you to my "I'm totally Hot NOW" party.

Well how rude! We definitely need to know what episode it is.

Oh my...I love that show...which one was she?

i am so jealous. no one i know has been on tv yet. neither have i. damn.

so yeah, that girl should have totally called you or something. what a bitch. i bet you could have done some good background interview stuff on her for those guys at WNTW.

btw, what was her worst offense? i have to know.

I am so addicted to those make-over shows! You are completely gorgeous so my guess is that she didn't want anyone in the audience to look better than her so she didn't invite you. But she's still a complete beyotch for not inviting you.

I love it! I've never expected to see anyone I know on TV - makeover or reality show wise, that is - and now I've got a whole new excuse for all my TV watching. :) Yes, please tell us who she was, so that we can enjoy the reruns with our newfound knowledge!

It would amuse me to be on a makeover show. I have no idea how to do makeup, so I just don't. The few times others have put makeup on me I've looked either trashy or white-trash trashy. Needless to say I have no "fashion" sense, neither. Hmmm.

I've seen people I know on dating shows, but I doubt that's as funny.

I have a theory about reality TV.

Who was it? I bet she really didn't turn out looking good, right? ;-)

She was afraid you would stil out-shine her...

Oh man... I so want to be on that show.

I would so not want to be at a reveal... I mean you would have to get a makeover too so she wouldn't outshine you.

I'm pretty sure the statute of limitations in these cases is 15 years. Having spoken to her twelve years ago, you are well within your rights to seek legal action.

This does NOT count against your 15 minutes. You'll probably get even more.

No doubt needed a makeover treating her old friends in such a casual manner.

When 'How to Lose A Guy...' came out? I was in the commercials. As I looked horrible, I'm sure Clinton and Stacy have issued a nation-wide search trying to find me. When that day does come, you are more than welcome to attend the reveal.

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