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Easy to Please

I went down to the good old corporate cafeteria for lunch today, and as I was standing in line waiting to pay I smelled someone's lunch that smelled so yummy it took amazing amounts of self-restraint to not sniff it out and steal it. When I got back to my desk, I realized that the yummy wonderful smell was coming from my very own lunch. Made my whole day.

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you? are adorable!

That was just too cute.

i bet it beats the raisin bran i had for breakfast. lucky :)

I love it when a plan comes together!

Can you send some of it over here? I'm STARVING!

Now aren't you glad you didn't try to steal it? Because how embarrassing would that have been to have big ol' throw down with yourself in the cafeteria?

Life is good when you realise the yummy smells emanate from you :-)

You're so cute.
Too bad I am not that easily pleasable.
Could this be why I've not remarried?!

good thing you didn't steal the stuff from that other know...since he wasn't the one with the yummy smelling food

Oh, I know that feeling.

Today I bought a barbeque chicken (for dinner tonight).. The smell was unbearably tempting, the whole time at the checkout, I felt like just ripping open the packet and scoffing it right there at the supermarket.

I was very good....I resisted!! It's in the fridge at home.

Hey that is kewl! :)

I want to work where you do, just to have lunch. :)

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