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Merry Merry

Merriness and happiness to all today (ok, and every day for that matter).

Now, does anybody want to come over for blueberry pancakes? I was going to make them for Chris, but he won't get his butt out of bed.

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Merry Christmas! I'm waiting on my lazy family who still are not even dressed yet, nevermind in the car on the way. MMM, pancakes.

I'm making blueberry waffles over here...well waffles with blueberry sauce.
Merry HO HO

Mmmmmmm, I'll be right over. ;)

I wouldn't care for any pancakes, but I'd love a cuppa coffee :)

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas, Beth! I had a spinach omelet I made myself in the microwave for breakfast, but save me a pancake for dessert!

What's with all the blueberries? I had All-Bran Bran Buds for breakfast.

Merry Christmas, Beth!

Mmm pancakes. My mom's gone out of town, but I'm seriously considering heading over to her house because she has pancake makings.

Merry Christmas! We had breakfast tacos over here! Yummy! Hope you had a good day!

Merry Christmas Hun!

Yumm! I'm in! I'm also dropping by to let you know that my blog url changed slightly.

mmmmm and I missed them!! We had these yummy cranberry squares... The kids pounced on Len and I and pushed us out of bed at 5:30 am after getting to bed at 2:30am due to last minute wrapping! Sleep as long as you can on Christmas day! Your time is coming!

i think its great to be creative with foods, i cant tell u how many times as a kid, it was always plain pancakes, or french toast

I love blueberry pancakes! Got any left?

Merry Christmas!

Had I known, I would have been there, with real Vermont maple syrup in hand!! Glad your holiday with your husband was wonderful!!!

Merry Christmas, I know it's a bit late, but I hope you both had a wonderful day!!

I'm late to the party. Do you think you could make me some fresh ones?!

Hope your Christmas was happy and merry and gay.

If only blueberries weren't so expensive (here? or everywhere?) I could make my own. I'm sure you've eaten all yours by now. ;)

I hope you had a good one too. I am officially adding you to my blogroll if that's ok. I been lurking for a long time and really enjoy reading it. ;)

duuuuuude. blueberry pancakes. if you made me some, i would so totally be your friend.

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