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Mood Swings

I'm working from home today. Happy.

I have absolutely nothing to do. Sad.

I'm wearing yoga pants, my husband's sweatshirt, and a crooked ponytail. Happy.

I think I have to go into the office tomorrow. Sad.

I am doing laundry while pretending to work. I like doing laundry. Happy.

I am considering raking the leaves in the front yard. Sad.

I got to sleep 30 minutes late this morning since I didn't have to drive to work or look presentable. Happy.

I went to the gym anyway. It was 4 degrees when I left. Sad.

I killed ten minutes by cleaning the crap out of the desk drawer. Happy.

The desk only has one drawer. Sad.

It is almost noon, which means I can stop pretending to work for an hour and call it "lunch." Happy.

There are no french fries or chocolate in the house. Sad.

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I have joined you in the 30th Pantheon. Happy!

at least you didn't wake up with an earache and unable to swallow. =\ now i want chocolate...

But you can always go get chocolate and fries, right? Does Callie or Pixel drive, a la Toonces, but better? Then *they* can go get fries for you, for you are hard at work.

No chocolate! OMG that is a catastrophy! No wonder you are sad!

I could so totally help you be happier by dropping my laundry off to you. And I could stop for Chocolate and french fries on the way.... :0)

Nobody at the McDonald's drive-thru will even notice that your ponytail is crooked. Happy.

I have had the same kinds of mood swings here lately, I am glad to know I am not the only one with so many ups and downs....hee hee hee
Have fun working from home!

Maybe I can send you some of the mounds of chocolate that people have brought in and that is sitting near my desk. I'll try to smuggle it out and drag it back to DC when I fly in tomorrow!

Call hubby and make him bring you chocolate and french fries. :) I'd send you some of my chocolate, but I was a pig and ate it all. doh!

Yeah ditto on no chocolate being sad. I have atleast 50 pounds in the house just in case. Ofcourse, it doesn't help people trying to lose weight (like me), but its nice to know its there.

You LIKE doing laundry? Good anyway, next time you are in Australia, drop by, there'll be plenty of laundry (and chocolate) for everyone!

I's gonna tell you what hunny... you's-a gonna come ova here and you gonna hep ol' Amba wit her laundries... And mama Amba's gonna git you somes o' dat yummy belgian chocolat! Daz ain't eben gonna know you waz gone!

Am pleased doing laundry can make one happy, and crooked ponytails are very me I should know.

I love doing laundry, we are strange....happy.

sounds like a really fun day. :)

Dude: Man, look at this ponytail.

Man: Where?

Dude: Right there! Huge sweatshirt and yoga pants.

Man: Dude, that's crooked as hell.

Dude: I know. Man, you think she knows?

Man: No way.

Dude: Maybe she's working from home today?

Man: Even so, this is a public DRIVE THRU dude!

Dude: Pretty bad huh?

Man: Duh.


I also have lots of laundry to keep you happy and occupied - and I agree that crooked ponytails are where it's AT!

I have half of a cinnamon scone left from Starbucks -- you can have it if that will make you happy...

Just saying hi. Merry Christmas to you and Rude Cactus. And for some reason, that I still think is weird, I so look forward to reading your posts every day. And don't tell RC but -- i like your site best lately.

I'm sooo jealous that you're pretending to work at home...I'm pretending to work at work.

mmm fries and chocolate. I think I may make a trip to Wendy's. Yes, I dip the fries in the frosty.

"I'm wearing yoga pants, my husband's sweatshirt, and a crooked ponytail. Happy."

Just have to agree, I am always happiest with yoga pants large shirt and crooked pony tail...only problem, some one ALWAYS sees me that way! That is when people come by! *grin*

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