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More proof you can't take me anywhere

So, did anyone else come to work today with a black strapless bra in their purse? And did anyone else accidentally pull their black strapless bra out of their purse in front of five people while searching for their ID badge this morning? Or is it just me?

On a happier note, it is so freaking cold in here today that the extra bra has come in handy for wrapping around my neck for extra insulation. Good thing I have an office with a door.

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Probably best that it happened to a woman. Guys pulling out black strapless bras at work at kinda shunned for a while. Not that I would know. Just sayin'...

I'm sure there's a perfectly logical explanation for having the bra...right?

I hope it some padding to keep you warm. You could also use it as earmuffs. ;)

No, but I did pull out a black pair of support underwear from my briefcase. It was stuck on my gradebook. Forgot they were in there....took them off last week as I couldn't breath with them on.

heehee. i don't even think Mary Poppins has done that, though she did pull just about everything else out of her purse. :P

LOL! I've been known to put an extra bra in my purse just in case I have bra issues with the one I leave the house in. But never have I pulled it out of my purse in front of everyone. hehe. Scarfing it is a good idea, or if it really does get too cold, ear muffs!

Yes. Actually, not black and strappless, but I've done something similar before.
I just smiled and walked away from the crowd, leaving them wondering....

Nevermind the black strapless bra - I'm just jealous that you've got an office with a door!

I have done this with a thong once. Don't ask...long story! LOL

I left a thong in the backseat of my car, forgot about it, then had it discovered by a friend to whom I was giving a ride.

Well, I'm sure worse has been pulled out of purses! lol
Stay warm!

I sat and stared at this post and tried to come up with something witty to say. Unfortunately I am about as witty as a piece of toast so I will just go with this!

Sheesh, I'm frantically scrolling through all these comments looking for hyperlinks that will give me the rest of the stories! This is like the "Tease Blog".

Should I even bother to ask how the bra came to end up in your purse?.....I mean you are married and ya'll do have a house ...but you know....whatever melts ya'lls butter...hehe

Hey, it could've been worse. It could have been a ginormous life-presever-sized maxi pad!

Um, I had a slip fall out of my glove compartment in front of people once. But they weren't co-workers.

And I have had a strapless bra stuffed in my purse more than once. They are so damn uncomfortable, I always end up taking them off.

Hmmm when finding forgotten underwear in front of colleagues, I always find it best to stare back at them as if to say "What? You mean you DON'T carry bras about with you?", thereby allowing them to think THEY have the underwear problem, not you. Then run. Very quickly. And close that office door.

I have pulled thongs outta my purse about 3 months ago, in front of my boss, and the other day I went to work in two diffent shoes... it's the holidays we are entitled to be insane!

You are so the "crazy bra on her neck lady" arent you? Every office has one...

Reminds me of the time I was going through security at the airport. A woman in front of me dropped something from her bag - reached down to pick it up - and something BIG fell from her bag -- it turned on -- and vibrated all over the floor -- I swear -- it's true...

I haven't pulled a bra out, but I've pulled out an OB tampon thinking it was my chapstick. Ugh!

Ok, my under clothes are either 1. in my dresser drawer, 2. on the floor waiting to be laundered or 3. on me. I am amazed at the number of people that commented and said they had these lingerie 'moments'. My unders are uber-jealous of all of you, I never take them anywhere. I'm going to rush out and buy them a t-shirt that says my wear-er went to (insert vacation spot of the moment) and all I got was this lousy t-shirt....

Giggle...THAT was such a Me moment! I am loving the laugh with you!

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