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Shut it

When you are behind me in the cafeteria line carrying a four course meal plus a piece of chocolate cake the size of my own very large and melonish head, you really should resist the urge to comment on the size of my salad with non-fat dressing.

By the way honey, your ass really doesn't need that cake.

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What a dumbass. BTW - you are a thin, beautiful woman. I've seen pictures, so you can't deny it.

And I hate those people even more when with all that food they order a diet coke! It takes all kinds.


what kind of deragatory remark can you make about a salad, anyways? "damn, girl! that salad's so big, it could feed ten rabbits!"

oh yeah, you got me there.

but hey... cake sounds pretty good about now.

And her shoes totally didnt match, either.

Comments in line should be kept to oneself. Miss Manners would be ashamed of that biatch :-)

Haha. Stupid people. Personally I really love a quality green salad, so when people look at my size, then at my salad, I smile sweetly and enjoy my salad. :)
Also brings to mind something I saw many years ago at a train station - a very large guy was eating a very large portion of hot chips (aka fries, but thicker). After that he opened a Diet Coke. I wondered what for.

You tell 'em!

Oh shoosh. You do not have a melonish head. lol As far as that person commenting on the size of your salad? She was probably trying to divert attention away from the fact that she's eating like a pig! lol

Let me guess... she was carrying a diet coke, too? :)

My ass definitely doesn't need cake either, but I'd sure love some, oh, about RIGHT NOW!

How unfortunate for her if you 'accidently' stepped back into her tray and she got chocolate cake all over her fat ass face.

GAH...Mean people suck! I tell you I had one woman tell me I was obviously not on a diet for what I ordered, you would have thought I was 500 lbs! It through me for a few days, because she went on to ask me what I would do for summer to loose the weight! GAH...

Amelia had a good idea of walking backwards and having the cake all over them! You are beautiful...and thin! She was jealous!

Heh heh... very large and melonish head... *roflmao*

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