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Slobbery Slob. No, literally.

I am not a slob for wearing yoga pants all day yesterday. I worked from home yesterday and I actually went to yoga last night, so really I was just being prepared and also conserving water by having one less pair of pants to wash.

I may be a little bit of a slob for wearing the same shirt all day Sunday and then all day yesterday and then to the gym last night. However, it isn't like I got out of the shower after the gym and put the shirt back on, so at worst this is limited slobbery.

I am a great big hairy smelly slob for yawning in the middle of yoga last night while doing a forward fold and letting a great big wad of drool plop out of my mouth and down onto my mat. Also, onto my hand. And then wiping it up not with the shirt I had been wearing for two solid days, but instead with my relatively clean yoga pants which I then wore to the gym this morning and then folded neatly and left to be ready to wear again tomorrow.

Oh Internet, wouldn't your lives me sad and meaningless if you didn't have me to tell you these stories of my personal humiliations.

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That? I totally didn't need to know.

Girlfriend, I have:
(a) gone without showering fully for three days.
(b) worn the same SOCKS at least three days in a row.
(c) not washed my jeans for weeks at a time.

Truly, I am the Unwashed Goddess of the Internet.

i was right there with you until the drool thing.

That's not slobberiness, that's efficient. I totally recycle gym clothes, because, hello, why violate a clean shirt?

Also, is it wrong that I laughed at the drool thing a little? Gross? Yes, but also funny.

I think this is just a call for help. You just want to hear how dusgusting we all are, so I shall indulge you too...

I have worn the same bra and strappy undershirt for 4 days now, the same pair of socks, and the same pants 3 of the 4. I have, for the sake of those that live with me, changed my undies, but they are all laying, gusset up, on the bathroom floor. I have bathed twice in those 4 days but a brush or comb I have not entertained... Deodorant, well lets just I will not be sniffing the fingers I just sctached my pits with.

I could go on, but I am starting to hate myself...

Okay... see I have this OCD thing that makes me unable to wear the same clothes. I used to change 3 times a day, I'm down to 2 now.

On the other hand I did drool yesterday when I was bending over to get the laundry in the basket. I don't think I wiped it up at all... haha

Ya gotta wonder what the rest of the class though when they saw that. :D

Beth, are you sure you weren't Rosanne Rosannadanna in a previous life?

sad and meaningless? no.
less amusing? defintely


LOL!!! Oh sorry....LOL!!! Couldn't help myself :-) I only laught because I have so been there in slobbiness!!!

Oh, hey, you're not alone. :) My jeans go a week or two between washings, if I haven't spilled anything nasty on them (nasty = tomato sauce, red wine, coffee, etc). I tend to wear a bra two or three days in a row, if it's not annoying me. We have water restrictions here at the moment so I only do laundry once every week to ten days. I have been known to sleep in the same old tee-shirt for weeks before I remember it ought to be washed. *grins*

SICK! I am REPULSED and DISGUSTED! And if it weren't for the fact that I haven't showered in 3 days, I would be HORRIFIED, too.

Is it weird that I found the drool image strangely exciting?

Ugh - wait til you're preggers and too tired to move off the couch. Not only was I a slob I was a bonafide SLOTH! I once didn't shower for a week and a half. In the summer it was a pittiful site!

I'm feeling very close to you right now. Like we're cut from the same cloth. Unlaundered cloth. Heh heh.

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