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The Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday Chris!


I'm very glad that you were born.

All my love,

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Yes, Happy Birthday, Chris! Cool, you two have very close birthdays.

Have a wonderful day -

Happy Birthday Chris.

Although I don't know you personally only from your site and Beth's I too am glad you were born. Both of your sites have given me something to smile about on days when I didn't think I would ever smile again. So thanks Chris and Beth.
Have a great Birthday Chris and Beth you give him anything he wants today, well within reason that is. Hey I hear they have those 52 inch big screens on sale at Best Buy starting today!

Happy Birthday Chris!

happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday dear Chri-is
and a belated one to Beth too!

Awww that is so sweet! :) Hope you two have a wonderful birthday celebration. Also, I hope you picked up an iPod for yourself cause it would just be too cool for you both to have matching iPod head gear! :)

awwww, that's so sweet!! :)

You two have a love that is very beautiful and very inspiring!!!

Aw, happy birthday, Chris!!

We're all glad you were born, but I think Beth is the gladdest.

Hope he had a great day!

you got him a great present too, by the way. if a music lover like him DIDN'T like it, I'D come and punch him in the spleen. know...i'm not sure which side it's on either. you take the left, i'll take the right. all bases are covered. hehe

where's the cake? *looks around eagerly*

Happy birthday Chris :) Hope you both had a wonderful day, and saved some cake for all of us.

y'all are too cool...

Yes I am very glad you were born Mr Fish-cactus also......since you make Beth happy :)

Happy Birthday Chris!

Happy Belated Birthday Mr. Cactus! I am so glad you are both both make me are both fun!
Hope you had a grand celebration!

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