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We are so ready to be parents

Last night, Chris picked up the cat to put her on the bed and slammed her flat little head into the footboard. I laughed. Clearly, it is time we had a baby because the cats really need a break from us.

P.S. The cat is fine. Please don't call PETA.

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I wish I could say it got better with kids - but more than once I have rammed the kids heads into door jams, etc. Just yesterday my 1 year old was screaming and threw herself backwards as I was walking into my room - so of course she banged her head into the door! And then looked at me like it was MY fault!!!!!!

ha! That;s so true. I totally walked into the 2 year old yesterday and flattened him.

Cats are more resiliant.

Babies bones are bendy

Hmm. I would have been too scared to sleep last night for fear of retaliation from the kitty. But that's just me. :D

You gotta walk kids into walls every once in a while. After all, if you don't, what will they have to complain about later in life? Plus, you gotta give them fodder for the therapy sessions or Oprah. Same thing I guess.

Yeah, it won't get any better with the kids. Ofcourse, unlike the cats, kids will remember all the stupid mistakes you made and then punish you when you are old by putting you into a retirement home where you stare out the window all day waiting for your jello lunch.

Uh, that came out alot more depressing than I meant it to sound.......

Well, there was the day I discovered Daniel could crawl... he ended up at the hospital all day for scans etc after I heard a noise, ran but could do nothing but watch him bouncing down the second half of the wooden, spiral stair case. Yes, I think your just about ready!

With kids...they tend to smack themselves into walls...headboard...doors...tables..

I've found it saves me the trouble ;)

Considering the accidents that occur in your husband involving oven mitts, I don't think you need to worry about hurting the kids. They'll do it all on their own.

LOL!! When Princess was just over a year, I went to the Yankee Candle shop, which has a Bavarian Christmas village in it, with low beams over the doors, I picked up Princess and swung her over my head and all you heard was CLUNK, then silence, then WAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! She's fine, but I still feel guilty to this day!

Honey, there is the time my father actually accidentally dropped me and broke my leg when I was six months old. And then he was trying to pick my brother up from a temper tantrum and his elbow dislocated (brother, not father). It does happen! Heh.

What's the number? I'm totally calling PETA!!

My mum dropped me down a flight of stairs when I was about 18 months old. Which may explain a lot.

Just wait until she needs a retirement home....

I can see you guys will be perfect parents. Here's to you (toasting wine glass brimming with delicious Goundry red wine).

oh beth, you guys will ROCK as parents! Hopefully the cats won't spill the beans to the baby - 'one time? totally slammed my head against the headboard - I'm not saying they'll do it to you - '

Oh yeah, I remember taking my daughter to the ocean for the first time when she was three. We walked carefully into the waves, hand-in-hand, and as I was talking to her I looked down and saw nothing but hair floating on the top of the water next to me...

My oldest came home on oxygen, with a 10 foot long tube from her nose to the oxygen tank. I was up for a 2 am feeding shortly after we brought her home. I set her on the couch to change her diapers and realized I needed the wipes to. (They don't stink when they are that young...) I got up to get them, and I tripped over her oxygen tubes and ripped her little body off the couch. She flew like a small football. I realized what I'd done and dove to catch her (coulda been on some highlight reel somewheres...) I missed, she hit the floor, we both cried for about an hour.....

Kids are tougher than you think. And they don't try to bite you when you accidentally bump them into the coffee table. Thanks for an incredibly robust laugh. I needed it after inadvertently poking my finger into my daughter's eye. I was going to pat her on the head when she moved her head and put her eye right in my hand's way. Ouch!

Thankfully she doesn't hate me. Yet.

hahahaaa.....You know you're going to make great parents someday.....but consider it this way you've had the cats for how long???....and they are still alive with just a few bumps and such...statistically your kids have a pretty good shot at making it out alive and they won't be little for near as long as the cats have been....:)

Here's another "I accidentally hurt my kid" story: I was putting Nick in his car seat and his little fingers got caught in the clasp. I think I cried harder than he did.

i want a kitty :( but we have to pay a $150 cat deposit (non-refundable, mind you) in order to have one at our apartment. plus all the costs of getting the kitty neutered and shots and stuff. so we're holding off. but i want one :(

Every cat owner and every parent has a horror story! Relax! You will be most humanly flawed! : ) And will have GREAT stories to tell for years!

Oh the shame. The shame! I still feel bad about that ;-) Luckily it didn't look like I did any permanent damage. She's always walked in clockwise circles, right?

That's why babies have those soft spots in their heads. They're like shock absorbers. Not, you know, like I know from personal experience or anything...

Found you on the BoB awards site--if our readiness to be parents is to be judged by our long line of pet disasters, we won't be ready until WE need diapers. :) Love the site

your blog is so funny ^

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