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What's wrong with people?

I don't want to be the locker room police, really I don't, but clearly somebody has to do it. I had hoped that my last set of instructions on the matter would have covered it, but apparently some of you need additional guidance. Here goes.

If you must lie naked on a locker room bench, you must lie as still as possible. You must not under any circumstances perform a series of single leg lifts. Nobody wants to see that honey, really.

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what the hell?

see, i'm the person that would actually say something, like "you're not that attractive. put clothes on." or i'd report them to management.

That's like the guys that stand around naked talking and joking and slapping their buddies on the back. Dudes, no touching other guys, even good friends, while you are both naked in public.

that's nasty. WHY do people think it's ok..WHY? At the very least leave some shorts on!

See? This is just another reason NOT to brave the gym.

Seriously? Who ARE these people who do this? There's being naked in a locker room because you're toweling off from a shower and getting dressed, and then there's Those People.

This is why I joined Curves. No showers, no chance to see 50 other women naked at the same time.

Well, I'd like to see it....

Yeah...we don't wanna see that. LOL

Ew! Ew ew ew!!!!!! No! You simply CAN'T do that!!!!!!! And now you, Beth, have put an icky image in my head 1st thing in the morning! EW!!!!

i really hope you're exaggerating. please tell me you are.

Last night I saw a woman in the locker room doing naked TOE TOUCHES. Gah! The horror!

(By the way, hi Beth, I'm a big fan of your site!)


makes you want to never go to these peoples houses, i mean, if they do that stuff in relative public, who knows what they're doing in the privacy of their own living room... eek.

That is just so wrong; so very, very wrong!

Please. I'm eating.

OMG! Do people have no shame?

Oh good God. That's just really not pretty. Wow.

Maybe you should start carrying a camera with you. Not actually to take pictures, mind you, but just so everyone who sees you has the knowledge that if you wanted to, you'd be prepared.

That is so wrong on so many levels it just sends icckiness throughout my entire being. I hope they disinfected that bench afterward.


I'm with Beth. You should start carrying a camera. Send the pics to

I guess it's up to me to ask the question here. Was she like Rosanne Arnold looking or Cindy Crawford looking. Cause I mean really that does make a diffrence in whether I would want to see it or not!

Ew. And you go to the gym in the morning, too. I could not handle that early in the morning.

you should print up some rules or something and post it all over the locker room. lol. or just leave them in piles where people would be curious enough to pick it up and read it. lol

you are not making me want to join a gym ;) lol. workout dvds are teh way to go :P

That is just crazy! Doesn't your gym have a dress code, like you have to be dressed.

Hold on a second... by any chance, was it Cindy Crawford? I could probably let it go if it was... I'm just saying....

Well...there went a perfectly good mouthful of wine all over the place...and with that visual stuck in my head..I'm thinging the bottle shall be mine by the end of the hour Cheers!

seriously? i do not want a gym membership anymore. i'll do my cardio at home in my living room. *shudders*

Eew, surely one does not have to lie naked on gym surface.

What is wrong with some people! Really, how hard is it to dress BEFORE doing the leg lifts!!!

Why in the world would anyone do that? If we wanted to see that, we'd hit the strip clubs.

I'm with DeAnn, we should hit the strip clubs.

Ewwww...Naked excercise not good. I don't think I'd even want to see Brad Pitt doing naked excercises.

What happened to the good old days when we were all ashamed of our bodies?

I think the people who do that kind of thing are the same people who don't read "GYM FAUX PAS" or "GYMS: COMMENSENSE" internet articles. Probably can't even find the "cup holder."

You should just walk by and tell her "Nice flaps, you're spilling juices all over a public bench! Use a towel or get clothes please."

Also, from a guys perspective, as others have said, depending on the woman we may just enjoy it too much.

If it's like the 80yr old "I can't wait to strip nude, have my balls dangling 12inches low(maybe they need dangle time @ 80), throwing one knee up on a bench, and just start talking typical small talk" then NO NO NO! PUT ON PANTS! Unless they hang down to your ankles... mad props to you buddy. :P Eh, i still dont need to see it.


ummm.... gross

EEEEEEU, I am crinkling my nose! THAT is the real reason why I don't go to the gym! Shudder

Well, one of my New Year's resolutions was going to be to join the gym, but I'm suddenly re-thinking this. *dry heave* What are people thinking??

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