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I just bought two new Wonderbras. My reasons for telling you this are threefold:

1. They were on sale, $10 off, and I had a 10% off coupon. There are very few things in life that make me happier than buying something on sale and having a coupon. Yes, clearly I need to get out more.
2. If any of you ladies out there ever have occasion to avail yourselves of the services of a Wonderbra, they are on sale at Hecht's. Just a little PSA from me to you.
3. Could someone please explain to me why I keep buying Wonderbras? The fact is, they aren't much use to me since I don't have much of anything to Wonder. There was a time in my life when this bothered me, but that time is long gone. Sure, I think it would be fun to be able to, I don't know, maybe borrow boobs for special occasions, but I don't think I would want to have to wear them around all the time. So why do I keep kidding myself with the Wonderbras? Oh, also. does anyone know where you can borrow boobs for special occasions?

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I'm not sure about where to go for boobs, but I'd stay away from whoever gave Tara Reid hers.

You can have mine (for good)! Seriously, those with 'em don't want 'em. Those without 'em, well they wear Wonderbras ;)

boobs schmoobs (ha! schmoobs!). who's with me? i'm just bitter. for special occasions? i'd take a rental set too! but not "rental" like bowling shoes. because ewwwwwww.

There is no better feeling then getting something that you need....something that tends to be so darn expensive....on sale...ah the joy

Boobs are over-rated since men never really know what to do with them anyways, so I say go for the rentals when you can. I had a girl friend who bought water bras when she wanted a little oom-pa-pa. They looked real!

When you find out where they have boobs for rent can you let me know? erm.. just for information purposes, y'know?

This just in, I'm auctioning off my boobs to the highest bidder on Ebay. They're being touted as Jazzy Boobs. I will happily give them up for good. I'd kill to be able to wear a tank top without a bra. Hell, I'd kill to never wear a bra.

I thought the Wonderbra WAS a boob rental? And why does Hecht sell them? Isn't that an exclusive brand by Victoria's Secret? I hope you didn't get a fake Wonderbra because that might definately decrease the wonder factor. Then it becomes a SaywhatBra. Which is not so nice.

I have no idea about borrowing the boobs, sister. But I WILL tell you that I am over the bra in general. There is no such thing as a 39B, which is basically what I am. So suckass.

Maybe you keep buying them to wear around your neck on cold days?

A place where you can rent boobs? That place would be soooo crowded with men!

My ex used to say "Any more than a mouthful/handful is wasted". Huge boobs just get in your way and you have to throw them over your shoulders to reach the table. Blah... big boobs are over rated.

You could also use spare wonderbras as slingshots, taking aim at people that annoy you :)

The wonderful thing about a WonderBra is that it gives me the opportunity to see my shoes! LMAO!

Myhusband has given me permission to wear a wonder/miracle/push-up bra when ever I want. I don't have much, but when I strap on one of those bad boys, I am unabashedly, falsely advertising and my husband loves the stares from his friends. He and I know how much I have, and the fun is in fooling everyone else. YOU GO GIRL WITH YOUR ON SALE COUPONED WONDERBRA!!

You know what's *really* sad? That at 22-years of age, my breasts have grown to the size where I don't *need* a wonderbra, because it just makes me look... well, like a hooker on a street-corner if you must know. I'm actually wondering about buying one of those bras that makes you look *smaller*... How patheticly pathetic.

I'd gladly let you borrow mine on occasion. There have definitely been days where I want to just get rid of 'em, especially when it comes time to go bra shopping. *No one* makes a 34F, it's completely impossible. I called Bloomingdales to ask if they carried that size, and literally, the sales girl laughed at me and thought I was joking. Heck, if we just chopped mine in half and shared I'm sure we'd both be happy. Okay, ew, that's a really icky thought... Still kinda wished they made a Wonderbra in my size, just cause I think it'd be really funny.

Ha! SayWhat bra. I like that. And I'm pretty sure you can buy boobs at BSO (Boobs for Special Occasions) or maybe it's at DreamTits...

I'm a 36C. I grew a full cup size during my preganancy and they never went back to normal. So when you get sufficiently knocked up, you may get a baby AND bonus boobs. ;)

Gawd will we ever get over them? First half of my life I was snubbed and cryed a lot because I couldn't find bra's, except training for my boobs! Then the wonderbra thing! HEAVEN I at least looked like I had boobs! I don't even think I was an A. gawd! I wish I had the wonderbra dilema! Now I cry because these things are a pain, and I forget I have them, because well for MOST of my life I didn't! And the guys LOVE that I forget I have them, like when I bend to pick something up! or they can see through in between the buttons on my shirts the huge cleavage! SIGH Cause no shirts ever fit right!

I still don't understand all the excitement! Its just fat! And as we get older it is just fat that is dropping to the floor with gravity! *Grin* Euuuu

Just love your boobs! And a sale is ALWAYS good! Now my bra's cost me so much because they can charge what ever they want...YOU have to lift & cover them!

i used to call them "i wonder why i even wear a bra" bras, they could be called "i wonder what i'll put in them" bras. oh the list goes on...

anyhoo... like debbie, i went up a cup size when i was pregnant and it stayed (actually at my peak i was a 36D - woohoo)... now i'm a happy B cup. was that tmi?

I think Pam Anderson rents hers out...

My motto: more than a mouthful is a waste --- I'm just sayin'...

Happy Rudolph to you!

I've also learned to embrace my small chestedness in all its glory. But things are getting a little sad--I lost a little weight and now I'm officially a AA. But I do have an awesome padded bra for special times.

they have little rubber boobs you can plop in your bra...inserts of some kind, theyre a little creepy looking if you ask me, so just dont flash anyone

Wouldn't it be clever if they could remove excess body from ones bottom and place it in the bossom area.

Beth, I hope you and your family have a safe and merry Christmas.

I could lend you my boobs. They're too big and I'm not doing anything with them lately anyway.

My wonder bra has really lost the 'wonder' part, not that I care if people wonder about my boobs.... where did you buy this wonder bra??

Just stopping by to wish the House of Fish a wonderful Christmas! :)

Wait til you're pregnant. You'll have boobs comeing out your ears. But not literally because ew.

I had a wonderbra once. And now I'm wondering what happened to it. *lol* I was sure everyone could tell everything was just all squished to the middle. I think I wore that thing once.

Merry Christmas!

I'd lend mine out, if I could. Anyway, Merry Christmas to you. :)

Happy happy to you guys, have a great time, or else!

I would give you my D-cups (or the stuff to fill them) if I could. I would be delighted with your Bs, or As, or whatever you have. Then I could see my waist when trying to do up a side-zippered skirt. Sigh.

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